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  1. oh...my...god...never drunking again
  2. jdrury and i bought the card over at his house..to try and have a semi reasonable environment to watch the fights in...****ing charter blacks out as Kim is walking out..so we miss that entire fight and have to rush to the Hooters up the street...where we sat in a corner(no table)in order to watch the fightslol****ingl
  3. im not talking about fast food eithertalking about likepickup chinese, pickup anything really
  4. ship the PLO world championship to this guyThanks durrrr
  5. I like to look at it from this perspective.When in a restaurant, and I'm not talking about a place thats super upscale/super nice...im talking like, Red Robin, Applebees, and other national food chains..you dont tip the cooks do you? At least not directly, youre tip..in your mind is directly related to the service of the server. That being said, why should you tip what are effectively the cooks at the takeout place.
  6. worked a full cardiac arrest on a 300lb 49 year old black womanlol my life sucks
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