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  1. edit, **** mefinally realized why everyone says i cant post pollsi r retardyoda youre still a huge dbag
  2. truth be told, this is the reason this forum sucks
  3. winchesthairrrrrrrrrrr
  4. http://www.4betbluff.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=280
  5. im of the belief that many people are currently misclicking no, in place of a yes vote..ban op mods
  6. I nominate whatgreatis for this months featured memberWith his immense knowledge of without limit strategy and intense, dare I say burning desire to become FCP Featured Member of the Month, He is a fantastic candidate.Whos with me??-a
  7. Fwiw, Ive heard that most gay men understand women pretty well
  8. the fact that no one saw that this is a level is why FCP NL strat is deadnicelife
  9. I heard a rumor that in order to respond to an IM or text msg, you have to receive one...j/s
  10. i refuse to engage in the poppycock that is this thread
  11. fold preflop, otherwise id make it 2.25 and fold to a shove
  12. internet=serious businesslighten up folksi know this is hypocritical
  13. ur sig tilts me lolthought i had an ant on my screen
  14. if anyone is in the mood to sweat me...and or skype with me..msg me on aim
  15. disagreeyoud end up with 5k at the break assuming its a 1 hour rebuy period...blinds would be like 50/1 ishplenty of monies to work withI imagine optimal strat would be to just rebuy to 4k right off the start and then rebuy anytime during the rebuy period you get under 2k...and just try to make the add on..it seems like its just another way for 1r1a tournaments to inflate the prize pool a bit more
  16. finally, someone posts a hand where they go w a read and they get ownedand it was snamuh<3 you
  17. still need a couple hundo from FTP to cereusMY FTP your cereus
  18. so...sigh at 6max/frweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  19. if anyone needs ftp money for AP/UB lmkk
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