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  1. I contacted Steve at Cardshark media again and it seems they didn't receive my first email. Now everything is straightened out and I received my book yesterday! Great book! And great service from Cardshark Media. I am completely satisfied with how things turned out.
  2. I was in a home game the other night that was directed by the Tournament Director software. Once we got to the final table, it completely moved everyone around, which wasn't what bothered me. What happened was that it was decided that seat 1 was now the button, which made me BB. This bothered me since I had just posted the BB the hand immediately before merging to the final table. In those 2 hands alone I was down about a quarter of my chip stack just in blinds. Being shortstacked was bad enough, but then to be forced to pay twice in a row for blinds really got my goat. The decision makers wer
  3. I ordered "HOld'em Wisdom for All players" back in mid December when I saw the banner for it here on FCP. I still have not received it and have had no replies to any of my emails I have sent to Cardshark Media. I don't have a separate spam filter, so I check each and every email I get for sender and subject before deleting it. Has anyone else had the same issue? Has the book been officially released yet or is it taking longer than normal because I'm in Canada? I ordered it using the Canada Purchases button, so it's not delayed because of that. I would think if FCP endorsed something, it's got
  4. I heard on the radio that there is a tournament being held at the Casino, but I can't find a website for it. I go to OLGC and it doesn't have a link, but it tells me to go to the Brantford City website and there is nothing there. All I am looking for is a link to the Casino that describes the tables, the tournaments, etc. Anyone know what the link is? Thanks!
  5. He isn't asking about what happens to his bonus during the network transition which is what you quite nicely quoted for him. He's asking what happens to his bonus that expires NOW while the network is having problems. If he can't play due to network problems, he can't clear his bonus. Made sense to me and no where did I figure he was asking about the network transition.I think you should read a little more closely next time. ty
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