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  1. This is one that drives me nuts. There are actually some poker room managers that have discussed making this an actual rule. But yes you are allowed to fold it is also really really bad ettiquette. You give info to one player that another didnt have it does a huge diservice to the first player that has already acted. A guy did this to me once in a live game and I said something to him after the hand was over...he told me I was a moron and I should shut up. I then proceded to get a seat change and sat to his left. For the next two hours I telegraphed every time I was going to fold for the benefit of any player on his right, I dont think this guy noticed but he was getting raised from early position players a lot. Then finally a big pot came up with a board on the turn of 2 flush draws and 2 straight draws. I had the nut straight draw and had bet the flop as the middle of three players. On the turn the ****** donk bets the pot into me and two of us called. The river completed a backdoor flush. He checked and I said well...I guess you and I both missed huh? and folded my hand....button bets the pot and the guy I had had words with slammed top two pair on the table and said I guess you hit runner runner and folded. Button who had been their earlier for our altercation says "No I had the other flush draw and ended up with jack high" and showed it. I say "wow guess if I check you can't make that play there huh?" Button says "oh no, no way I can bet against both of you." So the ****** looks at me and says ok I see your point you're right, picks up whats left of his stack and leaves. I can be such a punk at times but I love hammering home a point like this.
    so you lost the pot with the best hand? :club:
  2. Important - Stick to proper bankroll management. It is an ultimate rule you must learn to follow, no matter how hard it is to stay away from the higher stake games. I'm sure higher stakes will entertain you, with the thrill of "playing with mostly all you got", but this will only lead to you losing your bankroll. If you play with proper bankroll managements, those "swings" you have will not be as costly as it would be if you were to continue playing in the higher stakes. It's good that you feel comfortable playing higher stakes, but you'll regret it all when you lose a chunk of your bankroll, thus most likely leading to you playing even higher stakes to compensate for your loss. In the end, just play the standard 5% stake games, build your bankroll, and move up when your bankroll allows it. This will lead to online success, that is if your a decent player.As for your boredom, every poker player has this. If you get bored of cash game, play other games other than hold em, obviously at lower stakes. This entertains me. Or, as you've already stated, play SNG's and/or tournies, but just don't get carried away with these if they are not your strong point. Keep the stakes low if your weak in this gameplay. But personally, I believe that when you get bored, just try to take a break and relax. Find something else to entertain you and keep your mind off poker. You'll come back when your ready and refreshed, thus optimizing your poker skills. You'll find poker to be just as entertaining as you first started and play so much more enthusiastically, thus again, leading to success. (Also, its just healthy to take a break from poker. If you play bored, you'll most likely lose money because it gets to a point where you really don't care anymore). Hope this helps and good luck to building your BR.I just experienced what you have gone through. I had a br of 500, played higher stakes than what my br allowed, played well, and brought it up to a decent number. Then got bored, started to donk it off, and played even higher stakes to recuperate my losses. This obviously led to huge swings and me feeling stupid. I ended up with my original br and decided to withdraw my money and take a break of poker (as I'm continuing as I type). Now in the end, I've learned my lesson, and through this post, hopefully I or you won't do this again.

  3. Now that all-access visa cards fail to work on poker sites, what would be the best course of action to deposit 1k$ onto full tilt? Do debit visa cards still work? I plan on withdrawing through checks btw

  4. So once you decided it was a slowroll, you wanted to doublecheck before you tainted his name with a post at FCP, so you made sure he wasn't multitabling, right?Assuming you did check to see if he was playing any other tables on Stars...He couldn't have been playing on Absolute or FT and had 3 or 4 more tables open.He couldn't have had a crying baby to tend to, or a dog fight to break up.He couldn't have had pop-tarts that finished at just that time.He couldn't have had network problems that went undetected by Stars.Or a million other things, either.What a prick.
    agree, jeez, this happens many times, and your excessive "rofl" was ridiculous. you were a 4-1 underdog and got lucky, be happy not a jerk
  5. Full Tilt No-Limit Hold'em, $0.50 BB (6 handed) Hand History Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.com (Format: FlopTurnRiver)SB ($36.95)Hero ($62.20)UTG ($50)MP ($163.30)CO ($21.20)Button ($74.20)Preflop: Hero is BB with Tclub.gif, Tdiamond.gif. 1 fold, MP raises to $1.75, 3 folds, Hero calls $1.25.Flop: ($3.75) 3heart.gif, Qspade.gif, 5heart.gif(2 players)Hero checks, MP bets $3.75, Hero calls $3.75.Turn: ($11.25) 7club.gif(2 players)Hero checks, MP bets $5, Hero raises to $10, MP calls $5.River: ($31.25) 5diamond.gif(2 players)Hero checks, MP bets $31.25, Hero calls $31.25.Final Pot: $93.75Villain plays many many hands, shown a few bluffs, but for the most part, shows a solid hand. Here, I just didn't believe him. Will this call be good in the long run?

  6. If FT charges your for a "multiple account" infraction, what can they do? Suspend your account? Will they send you the money on that suspended account or do you lose it? Players are not allowed to create, use, or deposit to more than one account. Violators of this rule are subject to an account review which may lead to account suspension and forfeiture of accumulated Full Tilt Points.

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