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  1. First off, you didnt "have" to call her min raise, though I see why you did due to her image and your over pair usually being best here. But yea, standard pre-flop and flop action, turn I would just shove. If shes holding trips, so be it. I would see this more as A8 more often than A3 or 88.
  2. Easy answer, shove when your ahead! Fold out of turn when your not
  3. Pre-flop raise i guess could be more, but .50 isnt bad at all.Flop, after he raises your bet, you know your beat and is an auto-fold. What would he be raising you with that you beat? And after your re-raise, you definately have to fold to his shove. Unless your image is a maniac/bluffing donk, I dont see what he would be shoving with that you can beat.
  4. Tough turn decision with only 3.1k chips to start with, each bet is a huge hit to your stack. But overall, shoving the turn seems like a logical option, though I can see why checking could work also. But putting your opponent on a flopped nut flush is difficult.
  5. Saw the ft, agree with cubs. k10 on the button, fold is a little to tight imo. AJ re-raise was slightly questionable but seemed alright, just unlucky with the flop. good run, but the overall feel for the ft was a little tight, and i didnt see any blind-steal attempts
  6. GrinderVW (San Jose) Lol at the -20% ROI req.
  7. I bet the turn to get more info. If you check, yeah you get a free card, but what card can save you if he already has the flush? Find out if he has it or not.His check on the river, you definately have to bet at. He has been showing weakness the whole way through, bet at him. Mabye he cant get away from his A8 sooted.
  8. voted for rigged.. the box is just so, bland? also agree with the broccoli/rigged idea as a winner
  9. Leading out would be the safer side, as to not giving your opponent any chance to see a free card. And there's always the appearance of you trying to buy the pot quick/easy, thus inducing a bluff/raise by villain.
  10. G-R-E-A-T movie and sooooo funny. But has anyone else wondered why Becca and Jules (hot party girls) go for nerdy Evan and his fat/pudgy friend instead of all the other "regular" dudes?
  11. I guess good read? But horrendous play
  12. Depends on the amount on the card that you buy, I think the $50 dollar card has a fee of around $5.95
  13. out.. me n villain both catch trips, he turns a house. Sorry, thanks for the stake tho
  14. Wow.. for only 2700, 4 seats? Somethings wrong in the universe..
  15. Oh sorry bout that, thought you only had 4, but thanks anyways. You'll receive greeeeaaat kharma for that
  16. So I was staked in a 4.40 and was doing well, floating around #15-20 since the start due to a quick double up with AA. Well, the tourney thins out to around 35 people left and I see QQ utg. I limped in hoping to trap villain2 with a c/r preflop, he had recently lost a huge pot and went on tilt and has been raising the last 6 pots with nothing. Well, that didnt work. Is this the best way to play qq with this board and at this time in the tourney?100/200 blindsHero UTG-----6700Villain1 MP-----5000Villain2 SB-----4500Hero Limps with QQ, Villain1 limps, Villain2 completes, bb checksFlop 898 with t
  17. Yea, was staked for a $4.40 tourney and was doing well. I was constantly around in the #15-20th spot and the field narrowed down to around 35 people left, so I was in contention for a win, until this hand comes up.Blinds 100-200Donky Villain (~4500) SBHero (~6700) UTGVillain (~5000) MPDonky Villain has been raising every hand for the last 6 hands due to a tilting loss, so i was expecting to trap him with my limp preflop. Well, that didnt go as i expectedHero Limps with QQ, 2 Folds, Villain Calls, 3 folds, Donkey Villain completes, BB ChecksFlop 8 9 8 with 2 spadesDonkey Villain Bets 400, I
  18. Haha..Zach - "I'm all in"DN - "Dude.. your not in, you dont even have cards?!"
  19. Of course raise the river, doesnt seem like he has ak, a9 is pretty rare.. i dont see any other hand you lose to where he checks the river
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