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  1. haha, i couldnt stop laughing when i saw that segment. The music makes the segment imo
  2. You bet off around 1/3 with a good pocket pair to a loose aggressive player known to make steals preflop. I'd say follow your read on the player.. since that's what your suppose to do with reads?
  3. not too fond of the preflop raise, his preflop raise was already 5x the bb, flop action was fine, fold the turn
  4. Wow, harsh replies from gibbo and alina, jeez you guys have to calm down. In no way do I, or even wrote in the op, that I "talk shit" or "analyze each hand" during the home game? I know the home games are just for fun and to just hang with the buds. I was more annoyed as to the fact that I was being berated at each hand just because I played online. And again, as I stated in the op, it was all in just good humor, so I wasn't going to leave the house stomping mad over a little joke.
  5. railing with nothin else to do at 1 in the morn
  6. well.. your dumb. (_ _ _ _ _ _ _ ' _ _ _ _)NOT! (_ _ _ _ _)2 famous movie lines, anyone wana guess which?
  7. Rich father that promised me a free car and tuition if I get into a decent college? I just need a standard job for living expenses, and poker as a side job.
  8. Yeah why is that. Why is live poker soo much different than online (besides the fact that you can see your opponent)
  9. Anyone in? I am for my last dollar.. starting in around 12 mins
  10. Glad to hear from someone who did that same as I did. I find it hard to hold off online poker till I'm 18, but w.eCardrunners.. expensive fee.. ugh, I need to find a minimum wage job btw..
  11. I think I know what he wants..(Throws a bag of sympathy his way)
  12. Reeaaalll obvious fold. Pre-flop raise wasn't nessecary especially in MP, but not all too bad, I'm sure I do this also once in a while. Flop, obviously you can't bet as a steal with 4 hands in there, someone most likely hit. And turn, I personally raise 3.5x his bet instead of 3x after that, fold fold fold!
  13. Hey, so right now I'm 17 and have one more year in high school. I plan on playing poker as a source of income throughout my college years (hopefully around the rate of a steady 10 dollars per hour job), but that wont be till I'm 18, in college, and with a credit card. So as for now, I'm focusing on my high school work, just hanging out, and living life as a high school teen, but I also want to continue getting better at poker without playing. Which books would be the best for me read to enhance my play? Obviously the HOH series, but any hidden diamond-in-the-rough books? And has anybody else d
  14. Surprised nobody said this yet, but convert your hand and dont post results. This way, other fcp'ers can help you figure out this hand as if they were playing it themselves.
  15. As stated before, I see this more as 87 or mabye even 97, but calling his river bet (at best, most of the times) will only be a chop pot, other than that, a loss. Wait for a better time to get it all in.
  16. nice, use those T$'s and take somethin down
  17. Shove, nothing more to this. If he flopped a made hand, than so be it.
  18. The way villain played this hand, I wouldnt be surprised. There werent too many draws out there, and especially at the .25bb level, many villains check there trips and wait till the river to make their move.
  19. While playing at a friend's home game, I was being berated left and right by the entire table for being the only poker player there (that actually understands the game on a higher level compared to the average amateur player). There were 8 people playing, and if any of them were involved with me in a hand, they would just attack me with lines like, "GOT THE POT ODDZ TO CALL HERE?!?!", "READ MY HAND IF YOU CAN!", and at some points were there were multiple people in the pot with me, I literally had at least 2-3 people barking at me?? I guess to try to intimidate me. I guess this is actually a r
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