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  1. Damn that Violette! I hope Daniel catches pocket rockets one these times, and busts her trigger happy ***.
  2. Awesome, he is still alive!! 1 more double up, and he is a final table contender!
  3. I can't wait to hear from Daniel on what happened. It seemed like he was picking up chips smoothly without having to risk his tournament life(his original strategy), then all of a sudden he caught a bad beat and started playing a little reckless.But what do I know, I'm just guessing that's what happened from reading the various update blogs. Daniel only knows for sure.
  4. Daniel, you are still alive! One double up, and you are back! Keep the faith.
  5. Mike Matusow at 540kImagine a final table of Daniel, Mike, The Grinder, and Hachem? That would be sick.
  6. Holy crap. Joseph Hachem came out of nowhere and has 700k.Daniel at 660k still.
  7. Update thread going on here: http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...82896&st=20
  8. Yep. That is one of his biggest strengths, managing a deep stack/bullying small stacks.
  9. He seems to be accumulating chips without much risk involved. Keep up the good work Daniel!The Final table has your name on it!
  10. Daniel has doubled his stack since the start of the day.He now sits at: 435k(according to pokerpages)
  11. Daniel just took down a BIG POT!With the board showing Q 2 T 3 2 , Daniel Negreanu bets 68k on the river. The player on his immediate left goes into the think tank. After a long pause he finally calls and shows A A . Negreanu shows 2 4 and rakes the pot.
  12. No updates on Daniel yet. It looks like he is on a slow/tight table.
  13. Clonie has been playing well - She was at the top of the leader board at Foxwoods also.
  14. Go Daniel!!! He is at 230,000 after day 2!You're going to make it to the final table! Godspeed.
  15. Daniel,Great stack through day 1! Keep up the good work, everyone on FCP wants to see you at the final table! Godspeed!
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