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  1. http://www.nowlive.com/comboplayer/NewComb...r.aspx?id=48797http://www.nowlive.com/ScottMatusowHe does live webcam show, he has loud mouth just like his brother. Very entertaining.
  2. Great to hear...Been meaning to try out pokervt, been hearing nothing but good things, eventually I'll bite the bullet.
  3. They are done...Daniel left with 123k.
  4. Scooped him......AGAIN.PokerStars Game #18952726272: HORSE (Omaha Hi/Lo Limit, $1000/$2000) - 2008/07/20 - 01:01:10 (ET)Table 'Eudora III' 8-max Seat #5 is the buttonSeat 4: Jin_ ($24987 in chips) Seat 5: KidPoker ($114779 in chips) KidPoker: posts small blind $500Jin_: posts big blind $1000*** HOLE CARDS ***KidPoker: raises $1000 to $2000Jin_: raises $1000 to $3000KidPoker: calls $1000*** FLOP *** [6h 3s Ts]Jin_: bets $1000KidPoker: raises $1000 to $2000Jin_: raises $1000 to $3000KidPoker: raises $1000 to $4000Betting is cappedJin_: calls $1000*** TURN *** [6h 3s Ts] [9s]Jin_: checks KidPoke
  5. is Jin_ a NLH guy trying his luck at horse?
  6. Guy Laliberte had Phil's number on this show. The look on Phil's face was priceless when Guy bluffed him with 10 9 and tossed it in front of him.
  7. Bodog:John McCain +165Barack Obama -225Sportsbook.com:Barack Obama - 1-2John McCain - 3-2BETUS:John McCain: +185Barack Obama: -250
  8. Hellmuth would have exploded if durrr made that call with deuces! That was a pretty tricky move Hellmuth did when durrr was about to throw the chips in.
  9. Exactly. What the hell happened to them? It used to be the best site for poker news, interviews, and updates. Now it's an unorganized, low-budget, slow, piece of trash website. Damnit, I miss the old days when there were MULTIPLE sites covering the WPT and WSOP. These stupid exclusive deals F***ED up poker media, and websites!
  10. Holy crap was he terrible. He blew that game twice for the NL.
  11. Holy crap Tiffany Michelle is amongst the chip leaders with 3m! Hope she final tables, would be a great story.
  12. I want to see:HellmuthSheikhan MatusowAt the final table. Damn that would be entertaining.
  13. Wow, Allen Cunningham making a run again. Hopefully he takes this one down.
  14. Out in the 100kBut I have 31k in the $3R
  15. in 100k and $3R...GL to everyone.
  16. Welcome, I'm not a user yet, but I will be soon.
  17. Damnit set over set! Just not your day, Daniel.You had a great overall world series, congrats on the bracelet and 200k from Ivey. Better luck next year in the HORSE and Main Event.
  18. Doh! What happened?When they took your pic you looked ready to TID...
  19. End of Day 1atop 15 "unofficial" cip countsMark Garner 205000Brandon Adams 170000Kellen Hunter 154000Patrick Fortin 145000 Stefan Mattsson 139000Jeff Frerichs 130000Todd Rebello 125000Bryan Colin 119000Kido Pham 115000 Mojgan Stringham 115000David Rheem 110000 Mark Vos 108000Jon 'Pearljammer' Turner 105000Dale Sing 103500Bob Slezak 100000
  20. Quad Aces are Good, Right? ... RIGHT?Motoyuki "Moto" Mabuchi raises to 850 in middle position and the button calls.The flop is {A-?}{Q-Diamonds}{9-?} and both check. The turn is {10-Diamonds} and Moto bets 1,600. The button calls. The river is {A-Diamonds} and Moto bets 2,500. The button raises to 8,500 and Moto re-raises all in.The button calls. Moto shows {A-?}{A-?} for quad aces, but the button has {K-Diamonds}{J-Diamonds} for the royal flush. Moto is eliminated in stunning fashion.OUCH!
  21. Any pros at your table or is it a typical amateur table of the ME?
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