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  1. Thank you for pointing this out! Some people(ignorant idiots) love to play that 143 days crap, and don't mention he spent 8 years in the Illinois Senate and was a Civil Rights lawyer.
  2. OMG....The debates will be a trouncing! She is an amateur speaker.The pick looks good right now, but trust me when the media hype comes down in a week or so, it's gonna be DOWN HILL.
  3. Daniel Negreanu Eliminated by Robert CheungGG Daniel.
  4. http://liveupdates.worldpokertour.com/tour...Blogs&days=Here is a video of the double up.
  5. You don't have a clue. After he said he was comfortable at 70k, he ran it all the way to 120k before he got his money in great shape.
  6. Yep they got the action all wrong.From Daniel: 12:15 AM Pacific - Down to 30K lost a monster. I was in BB with 6d 8d 4 way. J 6 4 flop with two diamonds. Check raised a guy with AJ he went allin and I missed.Daniel made the right play. Hopefully he can get an early double tomorrow, and he is back in business.
  7. 11:30 PM Pacific - 70K now just grinding away. Very comfortable.Good to hear...When Danny is comfy, he plays well.
  8. 5:23 PM Pacific - 34450 end of level Almost 50bb's..Still in decent shape. Hopefully a heater is coming!
  9. 4:19 PM Pacific - Big double up thru O'Dell in a 5 way pot. Flop 9 5 4 two diamonds. I had Ad 3d and check raise all in. He calls with Qd 10d turn 8 river K. Ace high wins4:19 PM Pacific - At 61k now
  10. Pretty good structure. Daniel has been sitting around 30k for the whole day, and he still has 100BB on the last level.
  11. http://liveupdates.worldpokertour.com/tour...ame=Video+BlogsVideo interview with Daniel in above link, good one...And for the love of god, do not watch the Brandon Cantu video. An interview with a door knob would probably be more interesting.
  12. Play 2-3 dollar sit and go's, play tight/aggressive abc poker, and you will build your br. When you get up to 70-80 bucks move to 5-6 dollar. Also, play those $2 sunday hundred grand satellites, win the $11 and unregister, use the tournament dollars to buy into $5-6 sng's.
  13. Just email support and request 1 more change. I've done it before and they allowed me to change it.
  14. They need to invite Tony G...He's a great cashgame player and he adds personality.
  15. Yep. He just went too sleep. Next live show tonight. 5pm PST I think.
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