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  1. Yessir!! Congrats on the win Daniel. You have been playing pretty sick lately, keep up the great work.
  2. I think they've been easy on him. He could be in prison right now. Hopefully the Dems launch an extensive investigation into him and his cabinet.
  3. Damn it's great watching Repubs squirm this morning. Yesss!
  4. Demidov sucks out on Juanda. K T > A J all-in pre-flop, T on the flopDamn.
  5. Stanislov finally ran into some adversity, lets see how he handles it. He's been coasting through this table up until now.
  6. Daniel here is the link to the live video: http://wsope.betfair.com/live-video/live-video.html
  7. This interview woman is just waiting to be banged out. Good interview Daniel.
  8. GG Daniel...You played great, man. Cards didn't go your way.
  9. Stanislav Alekhin's facial expression never changes, dude is scary.
  10. Daniel, what do you think Juanda and Stanislav had in that huge pot before the break?
  11. Pretty sick, they never go to showdown on this table.
  12. Daniel needs to catch some cards...The moves are not working on these Russians.Come on aces!! 777
  13. Sup guys. Anyone have link to video stream? thanks.
  14. Good luck Daniel! FCP will be behind you! Take down the bracelet!Congrats on the FT.
  15. Right on man. You were getting coolered to hell.
  16. sheep21 [observer]: (fluffdog) ur daniel negreanu rite?
  17. JC out in 98th place: TT < JJ AIPFGG JC.
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