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  1. Daniel, I only hear you say nice things about Krisztina Polgar. "She is a kind person, she treated me well, she is beautiful inside and out, etc."WHY ARE YOU NOT WITH HER ANYMORE!? IF SHE HAS THAT MANY QUALITIES, YOU SHOULD BE PUTTING A RING ON IT! krisztina-polgar-9_590x393.jpgSO HOT!

  2. I had it Machida, but understand I'm in the minority here. Would not have been upset at all if it went Shogun, but I had Lyoto in 2, 3, and 5. I think a lot of people get caught up in Goldberg's hype, he would be amazed someone struck Lyoto, and would fail to mention any counter. IMO, far, far from highway robbery.
    The crowd WASN'T listening to Goldberg's hype. And you heard them at the end.Give me a break. A blind person could have scored this fight for Shogun.Machida had ONE flurry, and even in that flurry, Shogun landed 2 monster shots. Machida limped out of the cage like someone was beating his legs with a baseball bat.
  3. is hsp really sponsored by stars? if so then i think it is a strong possibility that kara scott would be the new hostess
    Yep. Dennis Philips was on his radio show and mentioned that PokerStars will be a sponsor, and that he got invited to play for season 6.Also might be the reason why Daniel knows the host before everyone, Stars hooked him up with the inside info.
  4. was either of them all in and called once except the last hand?
    Yes. Twice before.With 3 or 4 left shortstacked Barry pushed with J 10, Daniel called with A Q = Barry made a full houseHeads up Daniel had a 3-1 chip lead, They saw a flop with 2 hearts, Barry had A5 of hearts, Daniel had AA -All-IN....Heart on the turn.
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