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  1. are you kidding me? just a couple months ago poker was 2 max bet limit. You couldn't even make any money with the old poker laws in cash games. It was reported that pots were as big as 100k in cash games at the hard rock casino in hollywood. So I hardly think that 2/5 is the max in all of florida.
  2. You're right, I don't understand how someone would take their bill money and throw it into a gambling website. Oh wait yes I do. They are addicted and need help.
  3. understanding and sympathetic? You have a gambling problem my friend. If someone supposedly "hacked" my poker account. I wouldn't be on a message board with strangers. I'd be checking my history and on the phone finding out where that money was sent. I don't blame the people here calling BS to your story.
  4. Definately doesn't seem to be a lack of arrogance over there. You do realize you look like an *** to any decent person, right?
  5. I have noticed in crucial tournies..the small stacks go against the big stacks sometimes with dominating hands and the big stack gets the suck out often to knock out a player. It is much different live, though there are suck outs in both. The addicts will say other wise, but it is a much different game live as far as suck outs and small stacks getting taken out of tournies.
  6. SON OF A *****! I have to wait two weeks for my deposit to frickin epassorte so i could finally try doyles room and now its closed!!!!!
  7. Damn right....i do think its good i've cashed in every tourney i've played so far. Actually i'm done in the thread, too many people think they know what they are talking about but are full of ****. Good day and have fun replying back to yourself since you'll be the only reader.
  8. thanks for the advice man.. It's really thought out. guess i'll go look at my 1k profit from this week and ponder what the hell i was thinking because an internet guy can't do it.
  9. One cool thing about todays MTT was that in the buy in everyone pays a 20 dollar bounty so everytime you knock someone out you get 20 bucks right there. I made 100 of my buy in back just on bounty's.. i didn't even know they did this kind of thing. So i learned something new in my first live mtt
  10. Thats awesome.. I hope to do the same in my live games. I'm 4-0 after todays 7th place finish in the $125 MTT. Was my first live one
  11. i've played alot of online. It is not the same to me.i feel better being able to read players live and the slower pace means i don't get the bad beats like i did online. bottom line is my bankroll went from 200 to 1200 in four session this week playing and cashing in all 4 tourneys i played. Anyone that criticizes and says why waste time when i can play online can stfu and leave this thread cause as of now they can't say anything. My tourney today was good. I lasted 6 and a half hours getting to the seventh spot. Not bad for my first MTT tourney considering many of these pe
  12. Gee i don't know.. why would all the big names in poker who made their way playing cash games in a real card room before the tourney boom... Your opinion is your own, and its not on topic so just stay out of the thread cause you're useless here.
  13. blinds are 100.. and you get 1500 for the $100. i know and the aggressive people knock eachother out. so far my tight aggressive patient and some times bluffing has worked. the difference is..while some guy goes in with AQ gets called and gets knocked out..i do not call raises with those if they have alot of chips. i will make the bet with my AQ if i am in good position. i pay attention to alot of things and the whole goal is to make it to the finals.. not throw my money all in with any A or KQ.. i just watch those guys do this preflop and allow me to cash easier.
  14. Of course I wouldn't quit my job.. I just played my first MTT live tourney today. 125 buy in 140 tables with the option to buy back in for full buy in during first hour. I made it to the final table. I knocked out the first person at the table and then basically caught no cards to move in or play the 12k blinds. I tried to be patient and catch but nothing. so thats 3 sitngoes and one multi tourney.. i wanted to make it farther but i just couldn't get a hand and wasn't going to bluff the big stacks with nothing when the blinds were already big. I went out at 7th for 649
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