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  1. QFlolMets 9-4 when Ollie starts since you made this post...nice sweeeeep Dodgers!
  2. looooooooooollllllllllll @ "Mexicans: much more than minraising"
  3. lolz, maybe you should stop knitting quilts while you play then...as far as the name changes go, I wish everyone would have to play under their real name and sharing accounts wasn't allowed...
  4. gl to all FCPers playing, should have a good turn out...whooooo wants 2nd?
  5. well, you played like you have a million dollar bankroll... if the money meant that much you could have played more conservative... not saying you should have, but man you played incredibly aggressive at the final 2 tables...IMHO if FT money is huge to you, you didnt need to call the KQ, didnt need to open the 56o, didnt need to shove the TQ... the JQ in the sb is standard and he just woke up on you
  6. what is so unlucky? after his AA got cracked and he was back to 2.5 million he played pretty reckless, putting himself in about 4-5 very marginal spots...he did seem to play very well up to that point tho and who knows what happens if that AA holds... gg man
  7. ended with 645k... am I the only FCPer left?
  8. 67 4 Jeff "Mr. Rain" Banghart Bennington, NE 570,100210 8 Jeff Weiss Davie, FL 550,0002 4 Jon Monves Los Angeles, CA 549,80047 6 Tuan Lam Canada 538,50060 2 Bradley Ellis Midland, TX 509,40021 6 Yuan-I Hsieh Taeipei, Taiwan 489,90061 8 Kenny Tran Arcadia, CA 484,90014 4 Alex Melnikow Syracuse, NY 480,10055 2 Conor Tate Lurgan 440,00016 4 Cory Carroll Halixfax, NS 419,900199 8 Jerry Yang Temecula, CA 415,50014 6 Nicolas Atlan Paris, France 410,80069 4 Tom Peterson Las Crosse, WI 410,800195 6 Avi Cohen Boston, MA 400,600209 6 Amanda Baker Las Vegas, NV 398,30061 6 Raymond Rahme South Africa 394,
  9. actually I chipped up late again and ended up with 315kglgl to any FCPers still in...
  10. ended day 2 with 315kany other FCPers left?
  11. all I know is I got sick as hell during the LAPC... Commerce = cesspool
  12. that was a small pot tho, she was short stacked and I had to put out a small raise to put her in with how much I had... plus that is the first suckout all tourny for me...yes must be nice to run this good... got up to 330k playing sick then run KK into AA, QQ into KK and 2nd nuts into nuts, when I was in control of the pot and betting the river no matter what, when my opponent only had one way to win the pot, to spike his straight... bleh... I know I have been running really well lately but today was just brutal after I got a huge stack, I'm lucky I just called on that river... we'll see what
  13. I don't do drugs, I smoke weed every day all day but no hard drugs, never ****ed with them... I am just a naturally hyper person and was on an insane adrenalin rush after overcoming an 11-1 deficit HU to accomplish my #1 goal in life, to win a major live tourny... I had no clue I appeared so jittery, I was on cloud nine... maybe if you ship 200k you would know how I was feeling, gl with that though...
  14. I have just over 34k after taking a pretty brutal beat late... wasted dont wanna talk about itglglgl JC and Hoosier and anyone else still in
  15. pffffft if you can't handle a little friendly sh!t talk, maybe you shouldn't bluff the river vs me?
  16. I really don't understand online hating like this... lots of people have favorite players they like to watch and discuss, who really cares?
  17. there is a lot of strategy behind it... the "cheese" raise as I call it has been the key to my success of late... it took me from making FTs on a regular basis to winning tournaments on a regular basis...but since the OP is such a clown shoe, I won't go into detail about why I do it... lol jkfrom one of my old P5 posts:"I'm just a big advocate of the "cheese" raise or "cute" raise as my friends call it, roughly 2.5x-2.75x usually... it helps control pot size, makes my c-bets smaller, opponents reraises smaller etc... also not enough ppl adjust to the odds you give them from the blinds,
  18. ok first of all... I built a 300k roll playing online MTT, SNG and limit ring, and bought a house in Vegas area before I was ever backed by Bax and Sheets... I started off with them in December 06 so I could play the 15k Five Diamond main, then the PCA, and all of the LAPC and the Five Star without having to put up a huge chunk of roll (that I currently have invested)... but you do realize whatever I lost in buy ins I owed to them, right? it's called makeup... so having a backer doesn't ensure that you will win, it's basically like playing big tournies with a credit card but then only getting
  19. is this post a joke?oh and I'm not backed by Bax and Sheets... I was, but not because I needed it, and am not anymore... I used them to get some experience on the live circuit without having to put up the money that I have invested/saved for 10k buy ins... it worked out perftec for all of usoh and as several other posters on this board can verify, it's me... I've got a lot of FCP friends including looshle, prtypsux, PMJackson, AlSmooth, GetSprung and several others I am leaving out...HUDIYS
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