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  1. If you want another horse tonight I got a couple hours to kill. Have made 2 FT's in these in the past 6 days.
  2. Didn't see this, but sure, why not.- I should get the stake because I won't be here any longer after monday.- I don't have cash because I took my money off stars due to me shipping out for navy boot camp on monday.- Jam-Fly is t3h r0x0rs. n0 5hit....lol- Bloody as hellDaBlonde1 on stars
  3. I'd be in but I took my money off stars due to the fact that I ship out monday....
  4. I'll take De La Hoya in a straight winner for $20, any takers?Or I'll give people Mayweather and 5.5 rounds and 4-1 odds.
  5. I'll take that bet. How much?
  6. Im just saying id like to try a series of SNG's...say 5 of the 1.20's....Ill give 1.20 + 75% of remaining cash for my backer just to try them out.
  7. Anyone know how you get started on this site if you have no data? I'm looking at it, but I'm confused.I just wanna run some 1 table sngs...offering 75% + sb.
  8. Ok. Point Taken.But.......Shouldn't then our raise be more dramatic? To say, $5.50? We can then guarantee that he'll push on top of us and we'll be getting absolute maximum value. With the way we played it, I can see a legitimate reason for folding. If you induce a bigger raise, and commit yourself, then you are getting maximum return.
  9. Why does it seem to me that we are trying to maximize value with a draw and TP w/ shitty kicker?In the perfect mindset wouldn't one simply call this first post flop bet against the villian when you have anywhere from 9 to 14 outs twice???
  10. We need to attach it to the "Free Flags for Children" bill.
  11. Take the shot.I'd say take two buyins, and if you go robusto, back down. If you get fat city, then roll with it and tp/mm....sw
  12. Poker quality in Biloxi?
  13. Thanks to all for the support. I took the asvab back in high school and only got a 91. I talked to them then as well, but I loved my skank *** woman. But now I couldn't get into nuclear if I wanted to due to my eyes and apparently you have to have a near perfect credit report and no tickets of any kind and no infractions with law enforcement to go nuclear, and yes, that includes speeding tickets. so no to that for me.And yes, every little detail that I told you guys about is in my contract.
  14. Gambling is expressly (sp?) forbidden in the navy on base or ship. But while I'm at my school in pensacola, that won't be too far from New Orleans poker rooms.
  15. Thanks all for the support!! Now i got unlimited time for my pstar freerolls!!
  16. No. It's not the money. It's nice, trust me, but I don't even get access to it for 16 months, due to the fact that I gotta complete basic training and my first 14 months of my "A" school.I just want to have excitement in my life for once. I'm sick of the 9-5 daily grind.
  17. What dog can I get that'll make me $45,000 richer just for buying it??
  18. Well guys. I think an update is needed.Im going in the navy. I recently broke things off with my fiance, and whilst having a good job and all, I kept feeling a need to change and do something different. I love poker but don't want to take that chance, regular work seems so mundane, I didn't know what to do.Out of the blue about 2 weeks ago, I was driving home from Chick-Fil-A and saw the Navy recruiters office. I stopped off, talked to the guys, and they said I had to take some test (ASVAB). I took it, and got a 98. When they called me back saying they had my results, here was the offer
  19. If someone wants a horse ill give up 75% plus stakeback
  20. 5,515 at break. Two big hands, rest was just raising PF in position or with hands and CB post flop....
  21. whew, way to stay in there...PokerStars Game #9543740256: Tournament #48443523, $4.00+$0.40 Hold'em No Limit - Level II (15/30) - 2007/04/21 - 23:15:55 (ET)Table '48443523 6' 9-max Seat #5 is the buttonSeat 1: eyeball88 (1085 in chips) Seat 2: NAIRBRANLOM (2560 in chips) Seat 3: BSQUAD2001 (1420 in chips) Seat 4: dablonde1 (1260 in chips) Seat 5: kbgofer (4055 in chips) Seat 6: TerribleTT (2285 in chips) Seat 7: MiamiNole68 (4015 in chips) Seat 8: Partyr (2400 in chips) Seat 9: Grof (3470 in chips) is sitting outTerribleTT: posts small blind 15MiamiNole68: posts big blind 30*** HOLE CARDS ***D
  22. i have had ONE playable handAA utgget it in with shortstack, he flops 17 outs, turns 21 outs, and bricks the river... NO DOOMSWITCH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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