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  1. http://www.betanews.com/article/WTO_Calls_...egal/1175279207Discuss.
  2. I read through all the responses. I appreciate all your comments and i'm sure they'll be very helpful.As soon as i finish my finals this quarter, i'll start playing again. I'll post updates as to where my BR and my game is at, in case you guys are curious.
  3. thanks. I guess my next move now is to step down a level and grind out a bigger BR.
  4. I play NLHE.So I've been playing poker for about two years. Played online for about a year. I had a system where i allow myself to deposit only $25 max every month. That hasn't been the case lately. However, recently i finally feel like i got good enough to win consistently. A couple days ago i deposited $30 on Stars and played 10/25 cents for about 8 hours and built that BR up to $210(Also i have to note that i did this after watching BKiCE hand history that he recently posted, it helped my game alot).Then i played yesterday and first dropped to 150 and then finally 95 at the end of the day,
  5. I wanna see a profile for Mike Matusow. I think that would be an interesting read.
  6. thanks for clearing that up guys.I play the $25NL or $50NL or $100NL on stars and the level of play is really only much better at the $100NL. Everything else is about the same.
  7. ok. i'm new here so i'm gonna ask.when you say 25$ NL you mean the 10/25 cent blinds cash table? If yes that table is very easy on stars.
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