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  1. you mean stealing thousands of dollars from someone is a crime?!
  2. I do believe if you tried a strawberry frosted from DD, youd change your tune!
  3. A disclaimer to my following rant will be that a donut is delicious no matter which way you fry it, however the above statement has really baked my scrod.It is true that krispy kreme has a better glazed donut, it is there staple after all, however if not eaten warm its morphs into just a regular donut, with nothing special about it whatsoever. Outside of the glazed donut arena, DD offers a much wider array of choices all of which completely trump what krispy kreme has to offer. I mean a strawberry frosted donut from DD is just the nuts, and other flavors such as boston creme, jelly, and chocol
  4. its all relative though...stack her up against hollywood celebs and shes a 74offsuit, stack her up against kathy liebert and sabel cohen and shes aces.
  5. what do they do in the event you were in sit and gos at the time it went down?
  6. lifelong massachusetts resident, here is my story:2001: i attend boston university and as a freshman had the luxury of walking to fenway for every game and scalping bleacher seats (sometimes by the 3rd inning the scalpers would literally just give them away) but even during a high demand game you could always get tickets, at least bleacher seats for as low as $10....2004: the red sox win the world series and everything changes, traditional blue hats get replaced with pink ones, beer prices skyrocket, green monster seats replace the netting, everything becomes corporate, even the cask n flagon
  7. Ok a couple of things...one, i originally posted this in general, and it got moved to strategy, so everyone needs to get off my case about me puttinga "bad beat" story in the strategy section....two, i guess the point of my "bad beat" story was that its obviously an easy call if its just one opponent, but two opponents with the types of hands i thought they had puts me to be 33% winner and thus i retrospectively questioned my call...im just a micro limit tournament player and thought that it would be a good hand to discuss, once again i never put this OP in strategy and for me to get flamed li
  8. ok lets just end it....i still dont know what BBFIDTS means
  9. Never once have I made a bad beat post or anything like it, and for you to infer that i created this topic as a disguised bad beat is ridiculous, i dont even know what BBFIDTS means...in any case, was just looking to get some insight if others would have potentially folded. I guess it goes along the same theory that in early stages you want to avoid coin flips etc, my thought process was that i could be up against two powerful draws and be a 1/3 chance winner, now that i see what others have typed i realize that no matter what the scenario it was a good call, so whats the problem? am i not all
  10. Dude, no offense but i dont make many posts and i just thought it was an interesting hand...not once did i mention bad beat, just curious if people thought they had an advantage in a tourney would they sacrifice their life, albeit while holding the nuts (against 2 opponents who put all their chips in the middle on the bubble), when they know they could be only a 38% favorite...just thought it was an interesting situation and wanted to hear people's thoughts, whats your problem?
  11. thanks for all of the thoughtful replies...reason i didnt push was that i was worried about the UTG limper having a big hand...other than that it sounds like i made the correct play...i never thought that in a non-satellite i would question folding the nuts after the flop, thanks all for making me see the light!
  12. Interested to hear what people would do in this situation (sorry dont have the HH or all of the exact details so i will approximate)...So im playing a $5 tourney on FT and we are down to 55 players with 45 paying...i dont play many tournaments, but when i do i make a conscious effort to try to win so I end up bubbling a lot. The hand i went out on in 54th place i thought was really interesting, i was on the button with 78dd, UTG limps, the player to my right just limps, so i limp behind him, small blind completes and big blind checks, at the time i was sitting in 36th of 55 i think with about
  13. ya man, $300 max, once you get below $60 in chips you can reload for another $300, so potentially you could start with $360, if you bought in for $60, paid a round of blinds and then rebought....time is $5 every half hour, and be prepared to listen to everyone ***** about it, especially the people that just sit down adn buy in for the minimum...buy your chips up at the cage, not mandatory but a polite thing to do so the game doesnt have to stop for you to buy chips from the dealer...waitresses are either hit or miss, sometimes i go there and they are right on the ball, other times im chugging
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