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  1. Hey guys.Waquel, can Jarret come out an pway dis aftanoon?
  2. You made me laugh today. Congrats. Big day for you.Besides, I can't help it, I was just stating what obviously would have been Alan's theory.
  3. RASG:Come with a nice young ladyIntelligent, yes she gentle and irieEverywhere me go me never lef' her at all-ieYes-a Daddy Snow me are the roam dance man-aRoam between-a dancin' in-a in-a nation-aYou never know say Daddy Me Snow me are the boom shakataMe never lay-a down flat in-a one cardboard box-aYes-a Daddy Me Snow me-a go reachin' out da top
  4. Cause you told John he sucked for not listenning to NIN, and then Nik felt guilty that she'd never listenned to your garbage, so she went out and bought it.
  5. The WSOP isn't a blip on the Veags radar. js. Last year, I stayed at Rio free during the WSOP.
  6. I understand building the pot, but in this situation, when you have position, a bet, and a raise, why are you raising and potentially scaring out the initial bettor if he's on a draw?
  7. Assholes. Seriously. Stop raising the fucking fares. WTF?
  8. I didn't want to say I was gonna bang your ex wife under my real account.
  9. Fryer98 says (1:15 AM):todd, go to sleep!Todd says (1:15 AM):then who'll give you reach around?Fryer98 says (1:15 AM):good pointFryer98 says (1:15 AM):stay upTodd says (1:15 AM):kFryer98 says (1:15 AM):for like 2.2 secondsTodd says (1:15 AM):and...spent
  10. I'd like to see you, but I can't afford your wine tab.
  11. If I can video this and own the rights, I might be able to sell it for enough to earn flight costs. Anyone want to sign some waivers?
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