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  1. i fail to see the humor in this thread . . . .
  2. yes, first match begins in about an hour.
  3. Drew, I challenge you to a race. First player to clock 20 wins HU wins, $11 per match. what a retarded bet. Play hu 4 rollz u pussies
  4. Coming from the guy who doesnt play on pokerstars. I just wish they would have given this promotion to Finland, Norway, and Sweden.
  5. yes raising all in on the turn. If he has the set NH. I highly doubt he had the set.
  6. you are decent but yes majority of the euros a fuccking terrible and hit every card. IM very close to quitting playing on ps.
  7. ill go out on a limb and say its the fact that the idiot gus took 8 mins to go all in.
  8. i dont know who bagelboy is but if its AA Snake, we haven't played yet. . We should be playing soon tho.
  9. lolll at people pickign me to sweeep AASNAKE, guy always ownss me
  10. Yay for happy endings and congrats on winning the seat. GL AT THE WSOP WEEEE!!!!
  11. Lollll!!!!!!!!!!! Must be niceee sirrr!!!!!! Have fun, get laid, ect
  12. very very fkin grosss. Congratsss. QuadroupleCrownaments?
  13. wow pokerstars is starting to get really ****ing ridic and going overboard with the chat/username stuff. I got a 24 hour chat ban for saying eurodonk. That may be worthy but idc, i am starting to get annoyed with all the mods/chat police.
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