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  1. I was just wondering if anyone has ordered this item and if the cookies are tasty or not. Worth 3.8k Fpp's? What different flavors of cookies are there? I am a little worried they might be stale if i order them. Help!
  2. Don't forget to donae to charity~!
  3. Good job on the cashes RG, and welcome back to the wondeful world of online pokerz
  4. has suicide watch started yet?
  5. so is there a big thread on 2bb with the two fo you bickering like there was here?? Or did you just randomly encounter rdog at the table?
  6. Watch my 5.50 triple shootout final tbale from last week. It is running al this week, tourney number 185389204 1. Not sure why there is a space before the 1 but that is just the way it appears on my screen. I haven't watched the replay yet but i thought i played that table well at the time. SO yea, if you are bored as hell, watch my shit yo.
  7. Rose is the new Studinator! GL Rosebud
  8. Agreed with all that it was a good movie . It was also refreshing to see Sandler doing some of his old school voices! Makes me want to listen to they're all going to laugh at you and the Goat!
  9. The basement dweller vs Matusow for the MIL one time!
  10. ya Rose, drop Len then zero and get with gator tom and whatarunaa, they are heros and they would wreck you.
  11. happy b day fargooooo i didnt know we shared the same b day! is your sotmach burning with liquor??? **** me in teh goat ass
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