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  1. lurbz tho.got 63rd in the 7 game which was my first FTP run of any kind since about 195622 cubed tonight!
    Hopefully getting in the Omaha/8 on monday. Can't usually do this as I'm part of the working world, but am off that day. Probably gonna crush souls too.
    SImpsons Avatars WIN! <3 Carl Carlson and Lenny!
  2. Fitz has a drinking problem and is prone to tilt, a little peak behind the fitz curtain for you.
    Please let me know how you know what goes on "behind the curtain" in my life. Have you ever talked to me in person? No. Don't make retarded assumptions. I usually only drink once a week and it is usually on the weekend. If you consider that a drinking problem then so be it.
  3. Does 'getting a life' include threatening to kill people over an internet football message board and then disappearing while I pout for a year, only to return after my team makes a Rose Bowl? If so, I'm down.
    Please quote where i threatened to kill someone.
  4. I remember someone ordering them as a joke and they were actually pleasantly surprised at the quality. Whether my hearsay recommendation is worth 3.8k depends on your vip status.
    I am on silver star:(. I am also a big fan of a delicious cookie.
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