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  1. cry babies. that was 90% domination by the bears except for one drive and one lucky fluke playDA BEARS!!!
  2. game time forecast:Snow--potentially this winter's 2nd heaviest in the city--upper teen wind chills and a biting SE wind--appear likely to rendezvous with the 2 p.m. kick-off.Bears/Pats in the Super Bowl!!!
  3. I switched to Vonage at home a few months ago and have been happy with it. unlimited local and long distance for $24.99/month.
  4. That phone runs OSX, which is based on BSD, which is a free operating system. Long live free software!! Its a Unix phone and that should mean Linux desktops will be easier to connect to it than WIndows desktops. Windows is going down!!
  5. I'm smart enuff to kn0w when a joke is overdone. i'm thinking of somethnig else.
  6. i love grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. prepare like grilled cheese, but substitute peanut butter and jelly for the cheese.
  7. thanks for schooling me in the proper FCP forum posting techniques and thread content guidelines. don't forget the Tuesday Teaser and here is an open invitation
  8. this thread is soooo bad and disgusting that the very fabric of this forum is unraveling...quick, report this thread to the mods!!!
  9. yet here you are again. see, i'm magnetic. don;t even try to resist. all your posts are belong to me.
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