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  1. No one can be a bad player and win the ME its impossible, + he has chan teaching him, so he would be decent.
  2. Full tilt dont chop,i dont think. Very gay of themGlad it all worked out, as said, very trusting.
  3. I think would be +ev to use the points for the sunday mill sats, the 3k ones, when it is $215 and the top 3 get seats i think.But gl anyway.What did you play to get so many points so fastEditI cant read obv
  4. BBFIDTSO waitIts not a bad beat........ He just made a good call.
  5. Thankyou guys :)Been changing my play lately, since i got x factor, was way to tight before. So lots to improve on.thanks
  6. Rizen Cash Game: $1/$2Rizen Cash Game: $3/$6Rizen Cash Game: .50/$1Rizen Cash Game: $2/$4 Six MaxRizen Cash Game: $2/$4Rizen Cash Games: Multiple TablesRizen Cash Games: $5/$10 6 MaxRizen Cash Games: .50/$1 Full RingRizen Cash Games: 50c/$1 Full ringRizen Cash Game: Heads Up -- $2/$4Also i forgot, rizen has a few MTT and Sng VidsBut xfactor is mostly to do with tourneys and sngs
  7. Bax: Sng's / MTTSheets: Sng's / MTTRizen: Cash GamesBelowAbove: MTTAlso beleive people have requested vids from annette_15 so hopefulyl she will have some up soon.And yes, mostly high limit, but there is a few $3 sng ones, and $10 tournies etc.Both freezeouts and Rebuys.
  8. 100% worth it.Best money you can spend.
  9. Anyone care to have a look, through hand history and pick out all the faults. Simo did last time very nice, so hopefully again Thanks to anyone who doeshttp://www.pokerxfactor.com/HH62782/13173_20070525_083940
  10. Turns out your paragraph dripping with sarcasm was actually right :PIt is him, they must screen it well
  11. God must be that time of the month.Notice how i asked a question, not said omg look tony g is playing, i asked if it was him or not
  12. Guy named "Tony G" sitting at 200/400 PLOAnyone know if it is actually him, find it hard to beleive considering he has TonyG poker or endorses it???
  13. First he should have told the other dude that he can't spell poker.
  14. I always thought Luc was just a young no name, i remember about 3 months ago, him talking to mike when he played lower, saying how he was 18 etc.Im not sure on a link, but use the search,should be something already.
  15. Whats the name of your accounts and sites you play on?I am going to find you from now on and purposely sit out at your table
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