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  1. $4r and $10r sats to the $320 super sats. Usually a few seats up for grabs in the $320
  2. Well everyone saw the stuff about Absolute Poker. This looks a bit scary too.*Posts off PXF*Dear ILLicitDiatribe,Upon conclusion of a recent investigation of cash game play, we have determined that opponents of yours used unauthorized automated software while playing.In this instance, we have seized the account balances of the offending players and redistributed it to players who were victimized. The calculation was based on the number of hands played against the offending players as well as the amount won or lost against them.With this redistribution, we have determined that your are entitled
  3. person closest to the button in adelaide, australia
  4. agreed. i would rather learn from sheets, bax, below, annette (posts alot of hand histories), pearl jammer and rizen who are all very succesfull online in there games. Not from someone who is succesfull live and does not play alot online.
  5. means you are soo good at sngs, that you should turn pro........your ranked top 10% of online sng players, determined by ROI and games played.
  6. lol.omaha 8ob sngs, too easy to beat (non turbo).If you want, play the 10/25c pl hi low, and you will build a roll so fast its not funny, play even worse in them then in the sngs. GOLD MINE = LOW LIMIT OMAHA 8ob.if you only play those, shouldnt take too long to build it up fast.GL sir(i built my roll from omaha hi low)
  7. Started playing end of last year (was 17). Turned 18 around a month ago, never deposited, Currently at $3000 online roll and $1000 live (dont play live much). Get something like pokerxfactor or card runners.Gl with it.
  8. Re Stealing > StealingI like to start stealing from early on, most of the time people will call the 90 chip raise, and it builds up small pots early on to chip up your stack early. But def have to steal in the mid to late stages.
  9. obv since you asked to get your account banned, maybe you should **** off and stop posting threads about your self?
  10. Yes. If there wasn't luck involved i would win everyone.
  11. 1200$scopped both hi and lownut flush and nut low, guy had 2nd nut hi and 2nd nut low
  12. Stars $33 10k guarntee up to 15k guarntee2/7Try__An__Hit!!!!
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