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  1. Last time i tried to do this, i ended up leaving .1/.2 with $50 on the table
  2. 8ob = easier to multi table then omaha hi imo
  3. Too much action no miss deal. Don't see if it makes a difference if you are both heads up in the hand, will end up being the same max pot. Because you only have 100 right?But if not, then his stack should be reduced to 100 max for the hand.
  4. 5bb raise with aj os from middle position
  5. http://www.pocketfives.com/FA531AD8-1CA5-4...E02016F73C.aspxhttp://www.pocketfives.com/067F1A14-D78A-4...8A3DF12E25.aspxhttp://www.pocketfives.com/9D2517E8-428F-4...5EB2AA54CF.aspxThank me later
  6. hes older then 16, would have been 16 when he started to dominate. Adelaide is a small town here.
  7. Looking for a thread, which i could not find using the search feature. I think it was in general.Would buy in for min, and double up and move up to the next level. Wanted to have a read through it again and find out how high people got doing this, by memory was a decent sized thread.Cheers
  8. How many times or any, did you go broke when starting out? how did you find to rebuild from these times.
  9. benyamine sitting down now, where is ivey...
  10. welcome to the new millennium, you only just learn about broadband.
  11. maybe he is ignorant... but **** he is good. Some of his calls
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