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  1. wait can I get a check sent directly from Full Tilt? I thought I had to use another site to withdraw money from FT to that and then from that site I would need to get a check. It would be much simpler if I could just directly withdraw from Full Tilt. Is this possible?
  2. Just won my first MTT last night. Took home 1,400 prolly not alot for most of you guys, but it was a big cash for me. Now I'm looking to withdraw some of it. Now that Neteller is gone I was wondering if anyone has any other ways of withdrawing money that were quick and efficient?
  3. Listening to the radio helps me when I play online, but live it messes me up not being able to concentrate. I like listening to rap music while I play online cause it gets me pumped.
  4. Agree Manning wasn't that great. Co-MVP's to Rhodes and Addai. If he wasnt Peyton Manning NO WAY IN HELL he gets that MVP
  5. Haha what an idiot. I made a post because this is a poker forum and I want a poker book that would help my game and I figured you guys would have some ideas.
  6. ok thanks. What exactly does it teach you in it? Specific Tourney Strategy? Im def. a winning player, but Im nowhere near perfect and I would like to read up on MTT strategy.
  7. I'm looking to get a poker book online. What book should I get? Most of my friends seem to suggest Harrington on Holdem. What is so great about this book that everyone keeps recommending it? All right now Im interested in reading about right now is on Holdem so that seems to work. Im a skilled player, but Im not a professional. Will this book help me out?
  8. I dont play on stars but I like Indy. Do you play on FT?
  9. Thanks for the help guys. In the beginning I thought I might not get any helpful answers, but I actually did. To top things off for me this week I got outdrawn in the 25K guaranteed last night. 1183 signed up it was down to just under 400 with 180 being the cash mark. Blinds were 80 160. I opened up from middle position with 99 and got a LAG call from the button. He was def. the most aggressive player with the biggest stack betting every flop that was checked to him. The flop comes 9 10 J rainbow. In most scenarios here I should bet with bottom set on a dangerous board, but I checked because I
  10. ur funny. What kind of detail do you need? Ok an ex. of what keeps happening: I have 9K late in a tourney Avg. stack is around 8.5K Blinds were 200/400 I raise w/ KsJs in the cutoff and get one caller in the BB. Flop comes Jc 7h 3c. He bets around 1600 and I raised to 4000. He moves all in for my last 4K. I thought for a while and called. He turns over 10c7c. Turn Blank River club. That woulda put me 3rd in chips at 20K but instead i lose a coinflip and I go busto in 82. That type of scenario seems like its happening alot.
  11. Lately I have played in many MTT's. I have done very well and made it deep to like the final 20/15% of the field for every tourney. I'm always right around average stack or above, but I never seem to make any big cashes. I always end up losing a key coinflip or 60-40 that would put me in great position to make a huge cash. Is this just variance or is there something Im doing wrong? Does anyone else have this problem of not being able to finish tourneys?
  12. I currently play online with a partner using this method. We both put in half of our starting bankroll and we will split whatever winnings we go up. We did what exactly what you are suggesting because we both thought we had bad money management and would focus better if we were working together. We started just over 2 months ago and so far we've increased our bankroll by 50%. I hope it continues.
  13. It would be interesting to see if DN responds to this thread....although i doubt it. Im not a professional by any means in terms of phyciatric help, but I DN could just be stressed out. I dont think he needs to see a professional...why exactly do you say that? Are you trying to say you think he is some kind of atic or his he just stressed like everyone is sometimes?
  14. Currently I am a winning player, but I have many friends who are losing players who are at a similar talent level as me. Just keep working hard and studyiing the game and you'll be fine.
  15. agree try limit if the swings are getting too harsh
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