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  1. Im out. Semishortstacked and pushed with AT suited and got called down by 66 and didnt improve
  2. Down to 2800 chips. Lost a few pots and donked off a few. Average up to just over 10K
  3. I would think so. 8-12 hours left in the tourney
  4. Just above average at break. 7090 for me, average fo 6666
  5. This is my second Deep Stack on PS and just the Niagara WPT, so I ahve a little experience. I am taking it slow for the first hour or so, and see what happens. Same name on PS as is here
  6. Yea, i just got here tonight, and they are expecting 500-600 and will have 2 days 1s with satellites going until thursday morning. i am going to regsiter aroudn 1030 or 1100, so dont know if i will be in wednesday or thursday
  7. Thanks for the heads up. I havent gotten any, but I do know that if you just look at the link, and hover over it to get the actual URL for the link, you will usually see that they arent neteller links, and I will always discard those emails
  8. Yea, definitely thanks Al. This being my first true casino tourney other than the satellites to get in the event, I have an idea what to expect, but not really. Just the little bit that you gave lets me know somewhat what to expect.
  9. I too will be around. Will be nice to meet some of ya. I will be staying at the Days Inn near the casino. First big tournament, first casino tourney, other than the satellites to get it, and definitely first big/deep stack tourney for me
  10. If I am not mistaken, doesnt it start on WEDNESDAY, the 25th?
  11. So there is actually going to be 2 day ones for the main event?
  12. They do state unlimited entries at the casino as well. I dont know what kind of logistics they have, but it is stated as an unlimited number of entries. This is for the $10K main event
  13. I think so. 2500 chips, 30 minute blinds, and they start at 25-25. My tournament lasted almost 4 hours. Good luck with the satellite.
  14. Other than Daniel, does anyone know of any other pros that will be playing in the main event?
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