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  1. Live chat finally responded after about 5 minutes.They're having a problem with the cashier page so until they get it fixed you can't withdraw. YAY.
  2. I am able to log into my account page but it keeps telling me that my username or password is incorrect when trying to access the "Cashier" page. Anyone else getting this problem?Live chat is nowhere to be found and unfortunately I dropped my cellphone in water last night lol so I can't call support. WTF?Oh, by the way, there is no chance that I have my username or password wrong.
  3. Yes, easy fold. You could fold AA here as well. As long as your chances of making the ticket are higher than the risk of losing with AA, or KK in this example fold it. It's that simple.
  4. Any word on a java version yet?Or should I just go ahead and move my money to Full Tilt?
  5. Virtual PC isn't much of an option considering how most poker clients are complete resource hogs and it runs painfully slow.
  6. Are you kidding actuary? Anyone who DOESN'T want rakeback might as well just quit poker right now 'cause you're an idiot. It goes without saying...And just for clarification I consider bonus rakeback. It's essentially the same thing except not unlimited.
  7. Fair enough. However, it's kind of disturbing that the network transition is going on Nov 6th yet they don't even know what network they are going to, nor do they know if they will have Java support? That's like 10 days away...That being said, I do admire FCP for standing up for its' players and not pussing out like all the other OnGame sites. Unfortunately for Java users, it's probably all for naught and my only option is going to be Full Tilt and their horrible bonus/rakeback I can only hope I'm wrong.
  8. Not looking good for us Java users. Live support doesn't have a clue, FCP info avoided my question in the lobby, and OnGame is the only network that I even know of that has java interfaces. I know when BetOnBet left the OnGame network and on to the Prima network they were unable to continue to provide a Java client.Looks like Full Tilt will be the ONLY existing option for Mac users without Boot Camp. Looks like Linux users will be almost completely shut out.
  9. Any information on whether the new network will allow for Java play?
  10. EastSideSlim is Dustin Woolfe or "Neverwin"
  11. So, can someone tell me if I can still take advantage of this deposit bonus? Or are US players banned from depositing?EDIT: n/m this was answered in another thread, thanks.
  12. Did you miss the part in my post where I acknowledged Boot Camp?I don't care to get into a Mac vs PC discussion; I just wanted to say it would be nice to continue to have a java option. There are plenty of other reasons to have a java version other than simply to appease the Mac crowd.
  13. Thanks for the hasty answer, Negreanu.I realize FCP probably doesn't know specifically which network it will move to, but do you know if FCP will retain the java interface? OnGame closing its' doors really hurts Mac players, whose only remaining option is Full Tilt or to buy a new computer that can run BootCamp. Either way it sucks.I suppose one could run Virtual PC as well, but it really doesn't cut it. Continuing to provide a java method of play would really be a boon to FCP; I think the Mac market is a sizeable niche that shouldn't be ignored.
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