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  1. While I agree with your statement, Paul's "don't make them mad at us" stratagy is also a simplistic view.
  2. Welcome to reality. Schieffer is just doing what he and every other host of the Sunday Shows do just about every week. Of course he tried to distort and misrepresent what Paul was saying, Paul is a republican candadate. He will do the same to a democrat occasionally, but that is standard fair for republicans. Ok, now that a got my "the media is shameless tool for the democrat party" rant out of the way. You are right, Shieffer was actually quite a bit worse than he normally is, he didn't even pretend to be fair. He tried to distort each one of Paul's views. It is not hard to make Paul l
  3. http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/283...mark-steyn?pg=2
  4. A little condescension isn't a terrible thing, and I think it was called for in this situation. We obviously have a difference of opinion on this issue. Nothing wrong with that except that you should be burned at the stake for being on the wrong side of this one.
  5. I don't want it to actually happen(you to be accused) but I do want you to think about what it would be like. I don't know if you saw the video portion, but the guy from ESPN was totally telling it from one side and one side only. People do rush to judgement without the facts, always have and always will, ESPN knows this which is why they should wait to run something like this. Because now it doesn't matter whether or not he did what he is accused of doing.
  6. I don't know either but I sure hope some of you guys get to experience being accused of something so awful in a public way, maybe then you won't be so damn cavalier about destroying someones life. **** no!! I wouldn't have run the story, just because the guy is on administrative leave. Just like they didn't run the OTL story years ago because they found there was nothing to it. I would follow it, and see if there was anything to it before I ran national news coverage accusing a guy of child molestation. Cain, can this guy sue the accusers for slander, defamation, ect? And if he didn't
  7. http://espn.go.com/espn/otl/story/_/id/724...sting-boy-1980sSo? Guilty or Innocent? ESPN invites you to speculate. No harm, I mean the guy won't be hurt at all by these allegations if they turn out to be not true.
  8. INFJIntroverted - 56%Intuitive - 50%Feeling - 12%Judging - 22%Political Affiliation: Independent (have always voted republican-- will vote for libertarian/republican Gary Johnson if on ballot)Religion: Christian - Roman Catholic
  9. Yes, and a huge thing that I haven't heard much about yet, but it will probably come out soon. Paterno, McQueary and others were aware he was involved heavily in "The Second Mile" program for at risk youth. That, to me, puts a nail in your coffin. You knew he was involved in that program, but the only action that was taken was to tell him to not bring young boys on campus anymore. Knowing what the guy was about and not making sure he was no longer involved with "The Second Mile" and remaining silent for years makes you criminally negligent. Cain, legally would they have a case against
  10. Yes, that was the janitor that saw Sandusky molesting a kid back in 2000. The Janitor actually told his super and a couple of coworkers(I think) but nothing in that case got reported to anyone. Sandusky was apparently seen driving through the parking lot several times that night, and into the wee hours of the morning. I wonder how scared the janitor was that he was going to be harmed in some way by Sandusky. Sandusky was obviously monitoring the situation.McCreary went home and discussed it with his father and then went to Paterno. This isn't just some stranger he walked in on. This wa
  11. Hell, when the janiter witnessed Sandusky performing oral sex on kid pinned to shower wall, he couldn't stop shaking, they thought he was having a heart attack. These guys were frozen in shock. It is one thing to say you would be a hero, but no one really knows if they will be the one to jump on the grenade until it is laying pin-less in front of them.
  12. http://www.pennlive.com/midstate/index.ssf...jerry_sand.html
  13. So you would have put 24 hour survalence on the guy at you own expense? You are being unrealistic. There is only so much you could actually do. At some point the authoritiies are going to have to do their job. Based on the Grand Jury testimony, you can't draw a lot ot the conclusions you are drawing, even though I suspect you are right about at least some of them.
  14. People stating matter-of-factly that if they were in the same situation that they would have acted perfectly.
  15. Listen to segment 3. An interview with Tyoka Jackson, former Penn State player and St. Louis Ram. Interesting. He really sees Paterno as a father figure but still thinks he should be fired. Notcie he isn't self-rightous in his comdemnation, using this tragedy to try and elevate himself. Very honest heartfelt response. Please Listen if this story interests you at all. http://www.insidestl.com/insideSTLcom/Radi...Penn-State.aspx
  16. Just because Joe Paterno was a major figure doesn't mean he had the responsibility to pull the switch, especially on a former friend. Listen he has said he should have done more. He certainly should have, but the self=righteousness of some of you makes me sick. So Henry, if you had a new employee told that told you he saw your father in the shower with young boy. You would immediately go call the police? Remember the authorities knew about this guy in 1998 and no charges were brought against him? How is that Paterno's fault? Why shouldn't you be wishing the prosecuting attorney and c
  17. I was laying on the sarcasm pretty thick. He busted me with a good point about prevalence, pissed me off because #1 he was right #2 caused me to lose a point I should have won, so I lashed out with a sarcastic rebuff to a straw man I set up. Something you never see in these forums. Again, I mainly agree with you, but I am surprised the media hasn't poked around more at the Feldman accusations. (maybe they are). I will say this. I absolutely believe what he said, the fact that he doesn't want to name names is probably because he doesn't want to drag in other victims that don't want the
  18. I know you are right, but I am fascinated by what drives them. And I am not saying it isn't a legitimate story, but how it pushes so hard for judgement to be passed publicly in this case, I just am trying to figure out why this case?
  19. Sorry, you are correct I shouldn't have used the word prevalent. It is of course obvious that there is no problem with sexual abuse anywhere but the Catholic Church. Even if anyone was actually abused by a public school teacher, (which I am sure rarely if ever has happened) it wouldn't be that big a deal because public schools don't claim to be a moral authority like the Catholic Church.
  20. I agree with everything you state here accept that it would have been less of a lynching. When all the facts come out I think Paterno will look bad, even to more fair minded, honest people than the news media. Their were allegations in 1998 of the same sort, (giving head to underage boy in shower) Sandusky didn't coach in 1999. He went from being the heir apparent to being out of a job. The timing of his dismissal makes this seem more than a coincidence. But in 1998 the authorities were involved, I wonder why they didn't take this any further.
  21. Well, if they had the same attitude as you there never would have been an investigation. It is easy to write two people off because you don't like them. Unfortunately alcohol and drug abuse are common in sexual abuse victims. Some are introduced to alcohol at a young age by their perps. BTW it was Corey Feldman that made accusations in the interview. I am sure his abusers hope everyone shares your attitude towards the Coreys". The only two attention seeking, drug using, folks, with outlandish lifestyles in Hollywood. But since Hollywood doesn't hold itself at as a moral author
  22. Joe deserves a lot of what he is getting, and I am sure more damning information will come to the surface in the near future, but the media attention this is getting in something I will never understand. Here is the grand jury testimony, http://www.attorneygeneral.gov/uploadedFil...Presentment.pdfWhat do you think? Why is this such a huge story, but Cory Feldman revealing last month in an interview that he, Cory Haim, and he suspected several others were passed around by Hollywood Big Wigs like sex toys. Yet, no cameras or satellite trucks parked outside of Steven Speilberg's or Rob Reiners
  23. You are so right, now the Perry and Romney campaigns are blaming each other for the leaks about Cain. Cain so far doesn't seem to be losing support. What a ****ing disgrace!!
  24. It is human nature to beleive the worst about those you don't trust or don't like. I don't think stupidity plays as big a part as you do Cain, but I agree, that kind of thinking is not healthy and helps add to the toxic political discourse we now have in this country.
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