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  1. But you don't' see a difference between the ABC news and www.wagist.com. Which me, and most of the rest of the world has never heard of.
  2. I mean, Yes you are correct, we all seem to agree on that part, if he was simply walking through the neighborhood and Zimmerman had his gun drawn. Yet, even with all the media hype, the state and fed govt getting involved there still isn't an arrest. Would you consider the possibility that maybe what has made it into media reports is not exactly what happened. Are you saying the Florida law says it would be ok to kill someone who is following you? Or even punch them for that matter? I don't think so. If your point is this law is unclear you may be right, but as of now the facts are very
  3. Again I ask! What conservative media? I am familiar with many of the conservative blogs and none are saying much at all about any of this. So you think things like him being 6ft 3 inches tall being suspended from school for punching a bus driver should be left out of media accounts? A guy has been tried and convicted to death in the media already, and yet media, who point out that this kid may not be exactly the person the mains stream media has been portraying for a week now, are somehow deficient? Come on, I don't think you even believe that.
  4. My first response was going to be: Yes, maybe it would be best if you just STFU. But after giving it some thought, you don't seem like that bad a guy. Your probably not as big a prick in real life as you seem online. (I know I'm not) I say Schools(and people in general) should err on the side of not being offensive. To clarify, in more than a few cases these days it is hard not be offensive because some people are so easily offended. There are some obvious things that most everyone finds offensive. There are others that are a little more ambiguous. Then there are some things that only
  5. I don't think BG's point is that Zimmerman knew these things, it is that the smiling picture(probably years old) , and constant use of the word 'skittles' in media reports is bullshit designed propaganda to support the narrative they want to portray, namely that there is a rash of blacks being killed by whites for simply walking around with hoodies. It is bullshit, the article I linked also goes towards that end, not the guilt or innocence of Martin or Zimmerman.
  6. What conservative media? I haven't seen anything like that. Has there been something like that on foxnews. I don't watch foxnews so I wouldn't know. Is the media really "undermining" his image or rounding it out a bit.
  7. I think it is too early to know if police were in the wrong here or not. Another question, I have read in a couple of reports that this was a "gated community" what does gated mean in Florida. Where I am from, gated would mean you couldn't just walk through the neighborhood unless you scaled a large fence or wall. I guess my question is, how was he just be-bopping along with his tea and skittles through a gated community?
  8. The original link I posted was bad. I edited in a new one which appears, at least for now, to work.
  9. This is a fantastic article with actual facts and stuff. http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/29435...ther-mac-donaldCalling Caine, WTF is the "Stand Your Ground" law. I can understand a law where you can chase someone down and kill them after they rob you at gunpoint in a situation where you aren't on your property. But in this situation, the guy was in effect trying to kidnapp the kid (as far as the kid new) so of course he is going to fight him. Even in Texas, the perp has to be in "gunshot range" of your property before it is legal to shoot em. You can't pursue them off of your property
  10. Yes, good luck with that one. There are people that make a very good living looking for things by which to be offended. Someone may be offended that you smoke and cause their insurance rates to be higher, or they may be offended that you fathered 4 children and don't support them and thus taxes are higher because society has to feed, cloth, and medicate your children. There are as many reasons to be offended as there are people. Like I said, don't go out of your way to make someone feel "offended". It has nothing to do with me arguing from feelings rather than logic. Things just aren't t
  11. In a public school setting I would probably agree that it is the best to err on the side of not being offensive. The hateful and/or offensive part is a whole different discussion. If a homsexual wants to say that Chritisianity is offensvie because it calls homosexual acts a sin, ok. If he wants them arrested for hate speech, no!
  12. We don't have much disagreement here. I don't agree that something from the bible should necessarily be excluded just because it originated there, just because something relates in some distant way to religion shouldn't automatically exclude it. Like you said, the quotation should be what matters not its source. I would agree that large portions of the bible would be inappropriate due to the law, but the vast majority of that excluded by law wouldn't be offensive.I ask you VB how long before we see this in the United States? Never? http://www.steynonline.com/4259/how-unclean-was-my-vall
  13. You have a point about the drug wars, but what abortion laws are you talking about? I mean hell, we could kill the poor, then we would have less of them, but I don't think thats where we need to go. Abortion is legal, you know that don't you. I just don't understand what you are saying about the abortion laws. I am more cynical, I think many elitists actually do want to keep, not just the poor, but, as many people as possible dependant on government. Others are simply trying to help, but actually making things worse. The main point I am trying to make is not that if you elect republicans
  14. Having something on the wall doesn't take a position. If there is a poster on the wall with a quote from Gandhi does that mean the institution has taken a position on Hindu? No it has just quoted something that has inspired people. How about a quote from Mark Twain? Wasn't he an atheist? If there are bible verses on every wall to the exclusion of others then you have a point, but I don't think that is the case most of the time.
  15. Are you being serious? That surprises me. I think the libs actually have grounds for no organized prayer in public schools if for no other reason than camplaining that your time is being wasted praying when that time payed for by your tax dollars should be spent learning. Now the 10 commandments not being allowed on the wall, or a bible verse hanging on a banner, I don't see what is offensive about that. You could have passages from the Koran, and other religions too. As long as they are appropriate for children, then I don't see the problem.
  16. Google 'solutions to poverty" Damn near everybody thinks they have the solution. See there is the problem, there is no one to hold accountable. Billions of dollars are spent in the name of war on poverty, housing the homeless, jobs programs to find people jobs. Now the billions are gone but poverty, the homless and the jobless are still there with bells on. In a lot of cases they are there in greater numbers. And the schools have tons of money pumped into them but education quality goes down. I don't like that no one is held accountable. If you are going to get that kind of money, you
  17. You never add a damn thing, you just troll. If you are capable of making a point make one, if not what the hell are you doing here. My opinions are not uninformed, and they aren't even being challenged in this thread. By implying I am stupid do you think you make yourself look smart. You haven't even tried to dispute or discuss a single point. Do you think that akoff and myself are the only two people who share opinions similar to these? Dr. Sowell(author of article linked) has written a few books on the subject.
  18. Do the democrats not claim to have solutions to all of these problems through social programs? Have they not spent billions if not trillions of dollars on these programs? I am saying that inner cities have had full benefit of being led by these brilliant social elites for over three decades. I would have thought maybe we would have at least started to see things get better, especially in the schools, who have elected democratic school boards. How they got elected doesn't matter at all, the fact is they have had the power to implement their programs freely for 30 plus years. Why haven't th
  19. This doesn't really address anything I said. And what do you mean by poorest school distircts? You aren't saying they are underfunded are you? But to answer your question, no I wouldn't. At the turn of the century black kids scored even with or slightly higher than white kids on achievement test scores. (I am going to look up the exact numbers will add an edit later) This was true across the board, poor, and middle class blacks both scored as high as whites.
  20. .. again you have access to the Internet.. yet, ..to be entertained .....you come to a poker blog where they are debating politics? Just Kidding!! I don't know where all the flamers have gone. Have you checked the religion forum?
  21. Ok Dammit!! You aren't going to get a formal debate from me because I don't have the training. And because this is a forum about a poker blog. It is not a debate society.
  22. Maybe we ought to find out before we "invest" the next trillion dollars in these programs.
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