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  1. You did the same sir. I ask you the same question... why did you bump this, especially with such a dumb comment, bad spelling and bad grammar?
  2. Thanks for all the responses, I ended up back there last night and asked the floor and he said that this would be pretty much the one and only time that a mucked hand (my opponents) could be taken back because they were clearly distinguishable from the rest of the muck cards and then I should of had the option to either raise fold or call since he assumed my intention in the hand was to show down my hand which was good. Just thought that was interesting.
  3. I was playing in a three six limit game last night and was involved in a pot were on the river its heads up and its checked to me and i bet and the other player raises, I didn't realize this I guess and flop my cards face up over the betting line with out placing the other six dollars in the pot my opponent throws his cards in face down across the line. In the end the pot was given to me and I was just wondering if this was the correct ruling.
  4. Alright thanks for all the info thats kinda of what i thought but he was so upset wasn't sure if there was something I was missing.
  5. I was playing 3/6 limit last night and there was a a pot in which there were four of us and one player was all in after the pre-flop action I am second to act and the player in front of me checks and bet and the player after me calls. The player who acted before me seemed to get pretty upset for betting into a "dryside pot" i was just wondering if this is bad etiquette or if the other guy was just being a **** thanks for your opinions.
  6. if someone doesnt respond to this for 1/2 hour i will send them 15 on stars that is alljkjk
  7. plus one just kidding dont fold pocket aces preflop
  8. Can i try it with you aces sounds hot, well go out behind the woodshed
  9. Basically what the title says what is it and how is it used, is it good in both cash and tournaments etc. thanks for the info!
  10. Basically what the title says, is it applicable in limit and no limit and both cash games and tournaments. Sorry if this is a dumb question didn't have much luck finding it when I searched. Thanks
  11. Sorry if this is a really dumb question but what exactly is a stop and go play I've heard it mentioned many times but was never sure exactly what that meant.
  12. wsucoug2010 on stars thanks in advance and happy birthday, good luck with you poker goals
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