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  1. It's beatable, but I'd rather play at a casino where the players are more than likely worse, the rake isn't as high, PLUS these arses taking a rake don't profit. Do they think they're Bobby Baldwin or something?
  2. I don't understand what you mean by this.
  3. I've never known how to play craps, but when I was in Vegas in Oct, I stood and watched my friend play at the Riviera. When I met him at the table, he said the shooter was on quite a roll. Evedently he'd been shooting for the past hour and hadn't crapped out. They said it was pretty remarkable. Even the croupiers were sticking around to see how long he'd go. Well, he finally crapped outafter an hour and a half. They said I'd prolly never see anything like that again. My friend made about $400 change and told me I should learn to shoot craps. LOL.Since it's a gambling game I don't have al
  4. I played a tounrney last night and during the color up chip race, when they bought up all the $100s, the house didn't run the race properly.What they did...(shakes head).... and I'm sure it's wrong.... is.... Everyone who has $100s left is dealt a card for each $100 chip they have. (if I had 4 $100s I'd get 4 cards) Then they tried to make the best poker hand out of the cards u have. (Eg. if I was dealt 2-6-6-3 I would win the race againt someone dealt AKQ) I've never seen it done this way. I always thought it was players with 1 and 2 odd chips get 1 card, and players with 3 & 4 odd ch
  5. I find that reading a good poker book usually helps regain my confidence after a bad streak or beat.
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