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  1. What about legit (dumb/hot) chicks who are not (yet) selling their stuff but giving it up freely.
  2. Hello Folks,I will be travelling to Las Vegas at the end of May (Thursday the 24th to Sunday the 27th). I am interested in knowing which Casinos offer tournaments with buy ins in the range of $100 - $300. Do any of them offer satellites for any WPT or WSOP tourneys. I could use an excuse for a return trip. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I will also be looking for puntang (not for me but for my travelling companion) - any advice on where to head for hot easy chicks would also be much appreciated. I own a small film production company and am always looking for hot new girl talent.
  3. celebrating 10th wedding anniversary in chicago (first time here) and need to know where i can sneak away for a couple of hours to play poker ---help!!!
  4. ME TOO.Then cancelled all porn subscriptions - this took awhile (but why pay when this site has the best for free).
  5. He was not committed - he called the big blind and then went all in against my big raise (I was the chip leader and bound to call). How do you defend against such non-sense. I don't think patience will do it either because I think this will likely only ensure further races at some late stage in the game when a loss could be crippling. I suppose in some respects its a lot more challenging (if not entertaining) to play against morons. All this really makes me wonder about this game. As a kid, I played in weekly backgammon and scrabble games with my family and bragged about never ever losing
  6. this hand bothered me most. four players left - on the bubble. i am chip leader in the big blind and all three players limp in (something they'd been doing all night). i make it four bets ($800) to go with pocket fours. first and second limper fold. the small blind comes over the top with an all in bet (another $1200 on top of his initial $200 bet). its $600 more to me. of course, i call. i was certain he'd turn over A,K or similar. i am surprised when he shows 8,7 suited. WTF. and of course, less surprised when he flops an eight.
  7. thanks. i think you got it right.
  8. I have been playing hold'em for about a year. Mostly online. I suspect I am a decent low stakes player. Recently I played two 5 table $11 tourneys and won them both. Yet when I play in home games with my friends who know little about hold'em my record is only so-so. I have never had a losing night, but I don't feel like I am clearly dominating.Tonite we played 3 $50 tourneys and I placed 9th, 1st and 5th - which meant I won $75 on the night. But I figure I should be crushing these guys. Why I am not consistently winning top prize?
  9. Great advice guys.I will be happy to provide live updates. I do not believe I can use my blackberry while at the table. Do you know when there are breaks? Every hour?I will be happy to post.My only dilemma now is that I have been called to court (my day job) for Tuesday - the start of the tournament. I may be as much as one hour late for the start. Do these things start right away?I calculated that I would lose 6 blinds based on a two minute average for each hour I miss - which is not so bad (150 chips from my 20,000 chips to start). Is this right? The blinds start at 25/25 for 90 minut
  10. My friends are bankrolling me for the WPT in Niagara. We are trying to work out an agreement. I need to know how many players are expected, what position it will take to finish in the money and how many days it will take to reach the bubble so that I can factor in my lodging costs presupposing I make it past day one. Also what is the payout structure?This will be my first time in a live tournament. I typically play in lo stakes sit n go's (1 to 5 tables) where my results have been good. I have also had success in 3000 player freerolls (2 first place finishes) but I have no experience in a
  11. GL CemoI am thinking of joining you.The poker room is not that busy in the morning.I am thinking of calling the poker room - you can get their number by going to the Fallsview Casino Resort website.if you get any other info let me know by posting here.thx.
  12. Thanks for your reply - great advice.However, an all-in bet preflop would likely have induced a fold (I would have won a $200 bet)? The blinds were still relatively small and I did not have a made hand. If you checked pre-flop, would you honestly not have lost any more money post-flop? What about when the fourth diamond hit the board on the turn. Would you have made a bet at that time? If you bet the flush draw and str draw after the turn, I'm guessing it would have been sizeable, thereby making you pot-committed to his likely re-raise with his set. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  13. I was recently involved in this hand at a no limit hold'em sit and go tournament and have agonized over my post-flop play holding big slick.The scenario was as follows: Four players remained. Top three were paid. I had the small stack with 2600 chips, my opponents, player one had 6400, player two had 5600 and player three had 5500 in chips. I was dealt Ad,Kd in the big blind (100/200). Players One and Two folded. The small blind called and I raised it to 625. He called.The flop brought the` 2s, 5d and 3c.The small blind checked and I put the rest of my chips (1900) in the pot. He calle
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