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  1. ^ LOL that just gets better everytime someone posts it. Such a classic.
  2. definitely a scam. i'd say if anything don't pay the 300$ simply because she WANTS an abortion, so whether you pay or not shes going to have one. i just recently had this scare too. but uh, one other thing no one mentioned, u might wanna go get an STD test bro :|
  3. really basic, but i didnt see any fcp ones yet.
  4. I'll bet 3-1 none of those clues apply to it at all and he's just messing with you. Parents are SICK.
  5. ****, at least you can reup on weed. 1 year drug offender probation i also need cigs. ****.
  6. im also in fl, 19, im not really allowed to leave the county tho @_@ who wants to get a big cash game going in lake
  7. lol i was on coL and went to the CPL if you know what that is :|
  8. lol you're gonna feel bad when he gets robbed.
  9. It's the one you keep spewing your nonsense in. The only thing that research shows is that people have some sort of experience as a result of losing conciousness. It doesn't give an exact reason, and doesn't imply that life after death exists. But you keep insisting it does.
  10. Gravity doesn't exist. It's not in the Bible
  11. I think everyone who can should attempt to make this event! I'd like to see at least 30,000 there, and if they don't repeal immediately, ensure that a riot ensues.http://www.pokernews.com/news/2006/10/onli...ayers-rally.htm
  12. Because a change for the 'better' is subjective. What's the point of say, stopping smoking, besides the fact it's lowering my life expectancy? I don't want to live forever, and quality of life after 50 or so degrades. With no promise of an afterlife with my currently belief system, smoking now and enjoying it is +ev.Well, there are many types of love. I suppose the love you have for your offspring could be instinctual, but what about the kind of love that develops after spending time with a woman? Is this an instinct as well, because last time I checked the instinct is supposed to be to screw
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