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  1. Most people are not superstars but sometime in the tournament you are going to have to go all in with ak one time or another. A table like that is going to eat you alive, period unless you are a chosen few. Why not take that gamble now, get a double up early or go home early. With all those chips u can play as tight as you want and those seasoned pros are not going to be able to take all those chips and you dont have to worry about busting early. I would take that call in a heart beat and take that double up and soon as i could get i. And who cares if you bust, you can just go enjoy vegas or p
  2. I just wanted to say I was a little dissapointed with the freeroll. Yes I do know its a freeroll but it does not have freeroll payouts. A seat to the final SNG to be the Protege is a big deal. And for the blinds to almost be like a turbo was very dissapointing. First of all is that Daniel yourself speak about how you are tired of the all in fests on TV and the final tables of most WPT's. Well with 17 to go and the blinds are 400 800 and the average is about 15000, your M is so low that it is an all in fest. I thought that a tournament of this magnatude would have a slower blind structure. The
  3. I was just curious if there were any other jobs available. I am looking to leave portland and would be willing to do pretty much anything at all. I would even be willing to be your personal lacky(if thats how you spell that). I mean any job that would allow you to be around a pro poker player for any amound of time in my oppinion is worth it in itself, and that knowledge is priceless. But I plan on just winning this free roll in about 3 hours anyways and I guess we can just talk at the SNG.P.S With all the bold and strikethroughs and all that, why not just add a spell check, lol some of t
  4. I think that is a good idea but I would lke to kink it just a bit. See one person just playing one game is boring, but if they went as far as each player from each team plays each game once randomly then it starts to get interesting and the teams real skill overall is actually shown in my oppinion.
  5. well u said it would still be able to reg 24 hours before hand but i dont see that andi dont want to miss out
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