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  1. Q3 ??!! I just barfed on my bacon sandwich.
  2. Tough Luck KidGo beat the H#LL out of some golf balls!!!!
  3. I see your point I don't like a quiet table either but it comes down to the money in poker. First place brand new cadillac, second place set of steak knives, third place is YOU"RE FIRED!! lol Still I don't like AK versus 2 pocket pair. If there was a signal you made the right play. Friends aren't so friendly when they think they're being cheated. Good Luck Man
  4. *** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to The Rake1069 [Jc Jd]bongpoker foldsside_tracked: no just kiddingallowingit calls 80Fog Face raises to 440, and is all in ( This one had been playing anything)side_tracked foldsThe Rake1069 raises to 1,065, and is all indetantey foldselainelowman foldsallowingit calls 705, and is all in ( this one about the same)The Rake1069 shows [Jc Jd]allowingit shows [6h Jh]Fog Face shows [6c Kc]Uncalled bet of 280 returned to The Rake1069side_tracked: had ace 10*** FLOP *** [9h 4h 5d]*** TURN *** [9h 4h 5d] [7h]*** RIVER *** [9h 4h 5d 7h] [2h]The Rake1069 shows a pair of Jacksal
  5. Morals? I'd think about your knee caps !!!!Ha ha ha just kidding.You're going to jail. Seriously though you don't have any pets do you ?? lol
  6. I've heard of a few other programs that work with the poker sites.Which makes me question the security of online poker on different levels.No you don't have to do everything the program tells you so in a sense you still have a choice. But you've just stacked an informational advantage against anyone else that doesn't use these programs. I understand using it for just play money purposes to brush up on your percentages. I don't like the idea of an unaccountable third party company having anything to do with me playing real money games because they have access to the site that I play. What k
  7. Guru1069


    That's better than a frontal lobotomy. I like it !!!
  8. HA HA HA HA Was the skit offensive ? I'm calling the police.LOLNot everybody finds the same things funny. That's comedy Baby!!!!I don't like a lot of shows on TV so guess what?? I don't watch them." I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue "
  9. My advice for you is to start drinking heavily. LOL
  10. 1800 STOP GAMBLING they can help LOL
  11. Anybody else got the munchies ??Hey Dexter use a clean coffee grinder. Jus tek ot de stems and seeds Mon and trow the bud in an pop it a couple O times wit de grinder. It be savin ya on ya fingas Mon!!!
  12. I find it best not to mix business with pleasure on a serious note.If it's a fun game have a ball just don't over do it !!!!!You don't want to be wasted walking into a fight unless you expect to get your #ss kicked.
  13. There's a few that aren't bad on FT but for the most part I haven't been impressed with the chat on FT. I can't stand the beggers either it's gotten bad I was in a $5 omaha sng and somebody came in begging to us. HA HA !!!I think it's funny that someone would even think about doing that on a poker site. Much less a street corner. I just lost all my money on stupid decisions I don't know you but would you feed my habit ??I better be getting some kind of E h a n d j o b or something. 1 800 STOPGAMBLING They can help !! LOL
  14. Yep I've seen that kind of stuff on a few sites. It only stands to hurt the online poker industry.Nice investigation since playing online it's made me think twice about bluffing online.You never know who might show up at your front door. Sure it's extreme but possible in this new day and age.
  15. Do you fold or pay off on the river to another bet ?Say your up against KJ and 10 rolls on the river.88 83 A3 A8 33AAQQ24 and a 5 rolls on the river JJ would be sick if they caught the final J on the river With the calling method there's 5750 in the pot. What would be the correct pot odds to call the river with just the ace ?Sorry that's the next page. One final note write your blog however you want to write your blog. It's your forum write it in crayon. When's the last time somebody came to your house and told you how to dress. Mom gets to so that doesn't count. LOLThanks bud
  16. That's right military, education, law enforcement etc... Where would sports players be without any of these fields of profession ?I agree there needs to be a better solution to medical care in the states. Hockey took a break for a year maybe football is due. Talking about the national ecomony bottoming out. LOL
  17. Daniels blog makes a good case for some sort of affordable healthcare. WHich is a whole other ball of wax in the US. No matter what the occupation football player, hockey or even down to the lowly construction worker. No noone really celebrates the construction worker. They celebrate the finish of their construction in which usually doesn't amount to more than a 12 pack of beer for the worker and an undeserved paycheck. Has anybody ever heard the term " You're fired as soon as your *** hits the floor ?" How's that for job security? I got to see the kid that caused my fall last year and my piec
  18. Yeah his sister gave me some background on it at this point she just wants to know which one.
  19. Unless he just bailed and ran he had a kid on the way last Oct.I think he probaby came across something he shouldn't have. Thick woods everywhere they found his truck. They found his wedding band in his shoes and his inhalers in the truck. Severe asthmatic. That stinks of a planted vehicle. Who knows? He may show up in Vegas if he does call the number.
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