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  1. lol nas, just got moved tbls and took some sick beats, down to 14k, man this hurts,.
  2. 29,973 1 re buy when it first started so i started with 3k and i used the add on.
  3. anyone playing the 3R on stars? its just got to 1st break, gl all fcpers,. post here if your playing and your current stack. gl all
  4. gl man, im _Seat3_FT_ on stars, just us 2 in it so far
  5. fcpers get in the 9.90 360max or the 11nl 10min levels and we shall pwn it! post if your in and your screen name on stars, and also change your town to FCP
  6. hey everyone, ship me a stake if ones going, lol wouldnt mind being staked for the 15+1.50, thanks,_Seat3_FT_
  7. whos in? can someone set some up please
  8. someone make some skipaments for tonight?
  9. papa_dp is a good player also, pretty sure he isnt fcp
  10. only 3 registered, i will play so thatll be 4, anyone else def going to play?
  11. correct he folded constantly,yea he cashed, he took 3rd,
  12. how it going to wrk? like a srtandard tourney? fcp will play against other fcpers also, ?
  13. eddie that last hand was sick, gg, finally i won one!
  14. sorry dont play on tilt, otherwise i would
  15. thanks, you not gonna stick around to play?
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