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  1. would like to yes, lol, im not in the 3R just the 27.50
  2. i want to play,. can we transfer funds on fcp?
  3. thanks people, appreciate it, played well up until heads up i guess,
  4. hmm yea i had AQ sooted that time.
  5. when dougie raised and dhub pushed i was in big blind with AQ off, should i have called? whhat you think?
  6. sigh, never win a race when i need to,
  7. sick hand TwinCubsFan, your in this now man,,. GJ
  8. thanks, yea made a misclick for 4k with AQ off, i raised and he pushed, he had KK meant to fold, then won a big hand with QQ vs 99 all in preflop, up to 22k
  9. yes im doing ok at the moment, hopefully ill make it deeper!
  10. Anyone in? gl all fcpers in it, post here how you're doing, im in as _Seat3_FT_
  11. No fat chicks isnt a screen name its just on a display pic. think that may be what you are thinking of, how about KissMyAce
  12. AK in sb loses to JT in bb when flop comes K Q 9, gg me!
  13. 91k AK and AQ both hold against AT and AJ respectively, first 2 hands after break,
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