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  1. Drank to many hellmuth energy drinks?
  2. I never saved the hand history for this one, but one day I was googling my name and I find this hand history in a guys poker blog.I just like my "lol".PokerStars Game #5116731941: Tournament #25718300, $30+$3 Hold'em No Limit - Level I (10/20) - 2006/06/01 - 02:35:21 (ET)Seat 5: Marxst1 (1730 in chips)Seat 6: Caught_clean (1560 in chips)Seat 7: J_CASH_IER (3000 in chips)Seat 9: Speareman (1190 in chips)EEjack: posts small blind 10JMBones24: posts big blind 20*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Marxst1 [Kh Th]PHOT: foldsMarxst1: calls 20Caught_clean: foldsJ_CASH_IER: foldsSpeareman: raises 60 to 80xxDRI
  3. Hell by your logic, I would of got stuey to do my investments and do my taxs.
  4. If the buy ins werent more then 5 dollars I know where I would play to.
  5. HAHAHA, to bad jen tilly went and played a worse hand to take the title recently.
  6. 1000.. times 2...twoo... 2000! 1500 times 2.... I check jacks full.
  7. Maybe they mean 1000? Who the hell are they trying to kid LOLOVERESTIMATES
  8. Thats the thing, she always seemed to be decent to me to, thats what I dont get. You cant honeslty say she isn't playing horrid, I'm not harping on her as a person I'm refering to her bag of dirt game so far on PAD.
  9. Phil didnt play the worst hand ever played on national television mind you. I mean come on even Dennis Rodman at least bets the river.
  10. Um I thought you had to spend poker profits on drinking first. I explain that everytime people ask where "that profit went". beer and video games
  11. Please dont let this thread die....
  12. On a flop of J107, three players are all in, including Josh Arieh for his last $8,825. One player flips over KQ, the next shows KJ but Arieh turns over 98 for the nut straight. The turn is the 6 and the river comes the 9. Arieh survives the hand and triples up to over $25,000 chips. This tournament is weird, people checking the nuts on the river last to act, people getting it all in with 3s in the 2nd level, and a jack high straight beats a king high straight hmmm...
  13. Doug Lee among early chipleaders!! Wait, why is he not a shooting star...
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