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  1. I think us Leafs fans need to have a sense of humour:
  2. Amen - if they go with somebody who has to "learn on the job" again (like JFJ) I may have to give up being fan of this team.....And if they do, it will definitely prove that the man doing the hiring (Peddie) has to go too.
  3. Meh...this trade is a sore spot for me.....What most people are missing on this deal is the MARKET VALUE of both players at the time of the deal.You can ignore everything else.It's not about whether Rask is better than Pogge, or whether Rask is better than Raycroft, or whether Rask will have a better career record than Raycroft, or Pogge, etc, etc. Looking at it from a cold, hard, business point of view, you had:1) Tuukka Rask - a bonafide blue chip prospect goalie ranked at or near the top of the goalie heap2) Andrew Raycroft - an ex-ROY goalie, coming off a horrific, injury plagued season wh
  4. Frig.....I'm on LFT for missing all the fun! GJ TJ....You are livin' the dream! :)Now if I could just get out of my month long downswing........ .........lemme rub you!
  5. That's because Woz stunk so much. He was an accident waiting to happen every time he stepped onto the ice......Brodeur was the difference though.
  6. FYPThe video is an instant classic!
  7. "Hand #118: Barry Greenstein Eliminated in 4th Place ($291,798 CAD) Hand #118 - Jonathan Little has the button in seat 2, Cloutier raises from the small blind to 140,000, Greenstein moves all in from the big blind, and Cloutier pauses for a moment before he calls with K9. Greenstein shows A9, and is in a dominant position to double up here. The flop comes Q107, and Cloutier picks up a gutshot straight draw, needing a jack for the straight or a king for a pair. The turn card is the K, and Cloutier takes the lead with a pair of kings. Greenstein now needs to pull a "Greenstein" (catching an ac
  8. "Cloutier survives!The most exciting moment of the final table so far may very well have been the most exciting moment in the life of David Cloutier.Cloutier limped UTG as did Scott Clements from the SB. Jonathan Little checked his option and all three saw a flop of J-10-2. First to act, Clements bet out $40,000 and while Little let it go, Cloutier raised to $150k. Clements called and the checked in the dark before an 8 turn.Cloutier shoved and Clements quickly called felting J-9 for top pair and the up and down straight draw.However, Cloutier showed Q-J for top pair with the better kicker and
  9. I found this on:http://www.poker-king.com/poker-king-artic...php?article=197"Multi-Accounting Brings Down Another Online Poker PlayerJust last week, we posted an article that said that multi-accounting was still a huge problem in the online poker world, and some of the biggest and brightest names in the industry were still participating in the practice. If you think that the practice ended with Zeejustin and JJProdigy getting caught, you are sorely mistaken. A couple of more names have been found out by Pokerstars as being multi-accounters or collusionists and have been banned. One of those is
  10. And the awaited double-up for the Bear finally happens:Hand #71: Barry Greenstein Doubles Through Scott Clements Hand #71 - David Cloutier has the button in seat 4, Greenstein raises from the small blind to 80,000, Clements moves all in from the big blind, and Greenstein quickly calls all in for about 633,000 with KK. Clements shows Q10, and he'll need to improve a lot to bust Greenstein here. The flop comes KQ7, and Greenstein flops a set to take a dominating lead in the hand. Clements needs running queens for quads, or a runner-runner straight. The turn card is the 7, and Clements is drawin
  11. Sounds like Clements is dominating so far:Seat 2 - Jonathan Little - 2,320,000Seat 4 - David Cloutier - 2,380,000Seat 5 - Barry Greenstein - 860,000Seat 6 - Scott Clements - 4,420,000
  12. They are down to the last four:Seat 2 - Jonathan Little - 2,000,000Seat 4 - David Cloutier - 2,600,000Seat 5 - Barry Greenstein - 480,000Seat 6 - Scott Clements - 4,800,000 Barry has been in short-stack ninja mode from the start and watched two others flame-out ahead of him.....EDIT: and Barry IS a pimp! lol http://www.worldpokertour.com/tournament/?x=updatesnewslite
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