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  1. This is a typical line for a donk who hit his draw. Unless he has shown strong signs of tricky play earlier, I'd call (because he could turn up with some random 7 here that he wanted to check-raise on the turn), but expecting to see A5 or, a bit more likely, 65. I think pushing is no use here; he's not folding anything you don't beat, and he's not calling with anything you do beat.
  2. Never, ever fold this. You hand is good way too often, his very weird line nonwithstanding. 77 and 5s4s raise the flop or the turn, 99+ likely 3-bet preflop.That said, if I were the villain, you'd lose, because the one hand that I would play like this would be 6d5d.
  3. If you want to 3-bet preflop (which I don't really mind), bet more. I'd make it a least $0.70. In any case, if you 3-bet preflop, I think you have to c-bet this flop. It's not about what you have, it's about what he thinks you have. At low limits, it seems that people have a tendency to put 3-bettors on AK or QQ-TT, so this flop is very likely at least as scary to villain as it is to you. Bet a dollar or so. If you get check-raised, you can fold with a good conscience. If he just calls, you'll have to see what happens on the turn, using your position to your advantage. More often than not thou
  4. Wow. That is pretty weird. I'd bet about 4k on the flop and insta-call a push. As played, I push over his minraise. Even if he turns over QdJd, you still have 30% equity, so you're pretty much priced in. It's heads-up, and you cover. What were you afraid of?
  5. As played, I think this is a clear fold; I'd also bet less on this particular river. At the microstakes, this is JJ almost 100% of the time. Small-ish raise PF, minraises/very small bets with the effective nuts ("extracting value" for donks) until somebody else shows interest, and then a push.You can find out where you're at and likely lose less by showing some aggression on earlier streets. As a bonus, that will win you more money if you do get there cleanly. The best course of action, though, is not to cold-call raises with junk OOP pre-flop.
  6. Hmm. I don't know. If I'm heads-up against MP, I push this all day, although I can't say I'm thrilled about it with this board texture and the small raise. Still, I think I see QJ with the Jh or something like that often enough to make it profitable.As it is, with UTG just calling substantial bets on two streets, and MP then making a push-me raise into two people, I think I can find a fold. Without rock-solid reads that they're both total donks, at least one of them either knows that you don't have the nut flush, or doesn't care because they have a boat. Given the way it played out after you p
  7. Thanks, folks. I thought so too at the time, and folded; it was only when I saw the hand during review that I started second-guessing myself.FWIW, the BB took it down with AQo vs. the CO's 99.
  8. First hand at this table for both villains, so no reads whatsoever. If they have been watching, they've seen me play rather laggy for microstakes (24/21ish).Full Tilt No-Limit Hold'em, $0.10 BB (6 handed) Full-Tilt Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.com (Format: FlopTurnRiver Cards)BB ($10)Hero ($11.20)MP ($17.55)CO ($2)Button ($17.90)SB ($14.80)Preflop: Hero is UTG with , . CO posts $0.10, Hero raises to $0.45, 1 fold, CO calls $0.35, 2 folds, BB raises to $0.8, Hero raises to $2.5, CO calls $1.55 (All-In), BB calls $1.70.Flop: ($7.05) , , (3 players, 1 all-in)BB bets $3, Hero...?What do I
  9. I have no real problems with your line. I'd raise a bit more preflop, since you're out of position, and c-bet 3/4ths to 4/5ths on the flop. However, regardless of that, with no reads I think I can find a fold when he comes over the top. Pretty much anything that pushes there has you crushed - you're slightly behind Ah8h and even Qh8h; heck, even against 3h2h you're only about a 3:2 favorite.You have a decent amount of chips left even when you fold. No need to risk your tourney on top pair dodgy kicker with no redraws.
  10. 52/52 (First player gets a card)48/51 (Second player gets a differently valued card)44/50 (Third player gets a card valued differently from both others) 3/49 (First player pairs) 3/48 (Second player pairs) 3/47 (Third player pairs) 6/46 (Someone makes a set) 4/45 (Someone else makes a set) 2/44 (The last guy makes a set)Multiply it all together, and you get about 1 in 9.4 Million. Pretty rare. You'll flop over 43 royal flushes before you see that again.
  11. Isn't it rather ironic to express one's disagreement with the enforcement of one form of legislated morality by stating a preference for the enforcement of another form of legislated morality? Don't know about you, but I'd rather have them go bust some murderers or robbers instead.
  12. They use hardware random number generators. There are various ways to build one of those; all you need to do is to tap some naturally occurring randomness, like brownian motion of molecules in air. Additionally, they take bits from timing information on user actions (because getting randomness out of air is not that fast), and then hash up all those bits from various sources to make prediction hard even if you'd happen to know or control most of the inputs.In fact, Stars have an FAQ on this (click the "integrity" link at the bottom); they even link to the specific hardware they use. I'd expect
  13. From their FAQ: I also took a look at the page's code, and it is indeed clean (the form is loaded from an https-URL and targeted at a URL relative to that). [Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with them, nor, thanks to living in Europe, do I use their services.]
  14. Probability-wise it doesn't matter whether you flop quads with a pocket pair or with a three-of-a-kind flop, the odds for both are about 1/10305, which are the odds of getting quads when you draw five random cards from a deck of 52: 1 (getting any card) * 3/51 (pairing it) * 2/50 (making trips) * (1/49 + 1/48) (two shots at the case card).Now, for the actual question, the answer is, "it depends". If you put all hands and flops dealt to some player over their lifetime in a list, and then select an entry at random, then the odds for that entry and the next entry both containing flopped quads are
  15. That check's just clear evidence that your bank broke the law. You are free to play poker online as much as you want, and move money into and out of your poker accounts every 5 minutes. It's just going to be illegal for the banks to help you with it - and to which extent that is so remains to be seen, since the regulations are not finalized yet.
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