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  1. I think it's much easier to play long sessions live as oppose to online (at least for me it is). I think my longest online session was 12-14 hours whereas that is probably my average when I play live.
  2. This has been happening waaaaaaayyyyyyyy to much lately.
  3. This is awesome. Really cool that your doing this. Lets have some fun, Hook a newbie up! 18152hughes on Stars.
  4. Damn, someone beat me to it. We'll see if it's right
  5. Eye of the Tiger (no idea if that's the name of the song, but you get my drift)
  6. Check the flop. This hand would have been so much easier for you to play. And your turn bets is too small. It's time to start defining your hand with 4 players. As played, I would fold. It's not easy, but I would F.O.L.D.
  7. Easy shove. What's up with the $15 lead? Too small IMO.
  8. Check the flop. I don't mind leading, but if you do and get min raised, just call. Fold to a blank turn if he bets anything close to the pot. If he donk bets obv. call.
  9. Thanks. Your help is much appreciated.
  10. I downloaded the same one from poker bay. Unfortunately, I couldn't play it. I downloaded 2 different ones, here are the files;High.Stakes.Poker.S03E01.DSR.XviD-DGAS High.Stakes.Poker.s03e01.h264-abscissa.mp4.torrentAny suggestions on how to play these? I have season 1 and 2 fully downloaded and they work fine.
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