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  1. Dang, why so much, j/kSo i guess im playing a little BR light
  2. What is the size bankroll you should have to play 200/NL?
  3. what can i say. i have high output :Pand clinical i am insane or was that crazy?
  4. i just picked up tommy boy at costco today. like anyone cares. but it is one of my favorites. ok, time to pass oout
  5. G/l to ya. too loaded to go near a game - i hav e learned from experience that booze in poker dont mix. there should be a law against it like DUI cept from the d nks
  6. Lol - the grammer police have arrived
  7. you typed the words right out of out of my fingers
  8. Just a small dose of sarcasm dected here - question - "How do you spell sarcasm?"answer - "You mean you don't know?"
  9. I personally like the games that I take home more money than I started with
  10. have you ever thought about being a writer? LOL
  11. I guess when i am playing online in 3-4 rooms, I like to listen to music so that i can truley concentrate on taking OPMbtw, when did you get your breast done?
  12. Group: MembersPosts: 1,173Joined: September 25th, 2006Member No.: 23,831Favorite Poker Game: FCP poker baby!Damn dude, get a life instead of trollingif you had any skillz you'd be at the tables instead of posting
  13. yea you are right, i just cant stop winning in them -
  14. ok not bad beat nut damn sweet hand
  15. NO_LIMIT TEXAS_HOLDEM $10+$1 (Real Money), #1,119,507,726Seat 1: Burlap ($3,570 in chips)Seat 2: hisdudenessX ($6,835 in chips)Seat 3: nomercy2 ($8,100 in chips)Seat 4: mucker8 ($1,760 in chips)Seat 5: Tam90403 ($1,230 in chips)Seat 6: pacerep ($3,900 in chips)Seat 7: kick2dante ($2,400 in chips)Seat 8: skiman604 ($2,860 in chips)Seat 9: working L8 ($1,980 in chips)Seat 10: l8rdaze. ($12,365 in chips)ANTES/BLINDSworking L8 posts blind ($200), l8rdaze. posts blind ($400).PRE-FLOPBurlap folds, hisdudenessX folds, nomercy2 calls $400, mucker8 folds, Tam90403 folds, pacerep folds, kick2dante fold
  16. WTF again - at least i increased my chip leadok any help with chat room channel would be nice
  17. how do i get to the faaaking chat room?im back in
  18. WTF - im in chip lead with 10 players left in 20+2 short hand 130 player tourny
  19. I know that I wont recieve squat over and above my withdrawl but at least ill have the satisfaction of pointing out their B$
  20. I placed a withdrawal request on the 11th of September. and as of today’s date it has not yet been sent to firepay. don’t start the flame war because I used firepay - so here is a pre-emptive "STFU"I have contacted FCP and they said the money was sent to the "intermediary." the intermediary has told me that it takes 8 days to verify that the funds originally deposited have been cleared, not the case here, as my deposit was well over 1 month ago.they then told me that it would take 8 business days to process - note the change of story. I was then informed that the money would be released las
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