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  1. Yes, I'm sure that you were wanting this picture to "prove" something to your friend. Mmhm.
  2. I imagine a wireless form of poker that can be played over the internet. Through laptops, personal PC's, desktops, etc etc... In the comfort of their own home, even! You won't have to play at the casinos to play poker.. You can jump in a game, play, leave any time you want... It'll be as convenient as can be, and will pave the way for the future!Oh, wait..
  3. ..... Because television networks are still contracted to PartyGaming to advertise their product, silly boy.
  4. No offense, but if you're getting THIS worked up over text, then... Christ, I can only imagine what you would do if someone gave you a cheeseburger and told your fatass to eat it.
  5. I think what ever the WTO does will be the last, real legitimate chance to get the bill reversed.
  6. Link here.Online bookies ask WTO for rescue from 'Armageddon' Hans Kundnani Wednesday October 4, 2006 The Guardian As their shares continued to plummet and financial problems worsened, online gaming and sports betting companies were yesterday trying to calculate what remained of their business models in the face of what one chief executive called the "Armageddon scenario" brought about by the US outlawing internet gambling. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, passed by the US Senate on Friday and due to be signed into law by President Bush within two weeks, makes it illegal for ban
  7. Just curious, but where did you get your source about the WTO trying to negotiate with the US?
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