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  1. The amount of energy it takes to power a 100 cell car park is the equivelent to 80 amps which is about the same amount as a 3 bedroom house would use. It is not a hydralic lift. They use small blue motors to power the lift.
  2. They are coming to America, and I am the one distributing them. If anyone knows any developers or wants in on some investment end of the project, don't hesitate to email me with any questions. I have a great referral networkagolob2334@yahoo.comI've already have meetings lined up with all of the colleges here in Nevada and a few of the casino's. The price on a normal garage costs around 30K per spot. This system is around 20K. Using a lot less space, energy effecient, and environmentally friendly. You will all be parking in them soon and you heard it here first. Daniel,If by some chanc
  3. Daniel,Take a look at the future of parking in America. www.uparkithawaii.com. Let me know what you think. My caddying days are over. Look for a big announcement in Las Vegas in the next few weeks. pokerlooper
  4. Daniel,Ten mins with me and Ill fix your game. You need a caddy telling you what to do. I took out a europeon pro out the other day and he shot the course record 64. Ive fixed a lot worse players game in less time. Come play cascata. Phil and Barry were out there about a week ago, they loved it. By the way, Phil's ride is off the hook. Other guests were taking pictures of it.CheersPokerLooper
  5. Hey Burgerman,Remember the wager we had. Are you playing in the pro am? If I'm not working at cascata and you need a caddie, let me know. Maybe we can work something out. You can email me at stylin2334@aol.comLooper
  6. Well did you take my advice and motgage the house. Ive been betting sports since second grade and this was my lock of my life. Hopefully you all made some money on this one. As for you burgerman, Ill see you in a few weeks. Next time listen to your caddie.
  7. Hmmm. if you just won 600 grand and your caddie gave you ever yardage, and told you exactly where to putt it, fixed some things in your swing. How much is that worth? Club suggests min of $50 per player. Let me put it to you this way. If you went out for dinner and had a $2000 bill how much would you tip? Bad service 10% Tip your caddie like you would tip a waiter. As this individuals, forget 10% which most caddies would get for a win how about 1% of 600 grand.
  8. TPC Summerlin's opening holes are probably the easiest in town. A few years ago when the Titleist 983K came out I eagled number one, birdied two and eagled three from all the way back. Thats right 5 under through three. Wanted to quit after that but ended up shooting my lowest round ever 66. On number 11, I bombed one 426 yards. The new 905R driver is even better. My best friend from Chicago was out and had he not been there he would have never believed me. The greens really break away from the mountains out there. VERY IMPORTANT
  9. Caddied for foursome with action as high as 100K per hole. Never been nervous reading greens in my life until that day. Four Chinese guys. One guy wins 600k and tips me a hundred bucks for the foursome. Cheap bastages.
  10. burgerman,Since you've played cascata, I propose this wager. Next time you come out, you request me. Should the US win I will work for you for free but if the UK wins you have to double your tip for me. Sound like a good wager?Adam
  11. Burgerman,You must have had Alan. He is one of my best friends out here. He has probably one of the best games out here. I am really suprised that more of the poker players out here don't play out there especially since Harrah's has the WSOP. We have a great group of guys working out there. Im pretty much the "casino caddie" as I was a casino host for four years prior to working out there. Its by far the best course in town. You never wait on any shot and "what happens on the course, stays on the course." Next time you come out request me, my name is Adam. We open back up after our ov
  12. As I watch amatuers every day on the course the biggest mistake I see is that people dont take enough club. All of your distances are when you hit it perfect. How many of you actually hit it perfect evertime? Take one more club and swing it smooth (85-90%) and you will all make better contact with the ball. The best putting tip I give is if you are really bad or not rolling it good. Switch to putt crosshanded. Spend about ten minutes and youll roll it a hundred times better. Also keep your head still, look up when the ball is halfway to the hole. Good luck.Superlooper
  13. as a professional looper (you know a pro jock) If anyone wants to motgage their house bet the UK team. LOCK OF THE CENTURY!Tiger's worried about his girl. Lefty has shut it down. Toms is a little hurt. Cink is hitting it sideways. Furyk is ugly. The only guy with anything good going is Chris Dimarco. Forget about the rooks on team. UK will have it pretty much closed out after two days.
  14. Daniel,There is one course in Vegas you probably haven't played yet and its better than Shadow Creek. Its called Cascata and its owned by Harrahs. We hardly get any play out there (a few groups a day). A few of the guys have played out there, (TJ and Gavin Smith) I've played some pretty good tracks in my day and I'd have to say there is no comparision. I caddie out there and would love to get the chance to work with you on your game. A few of the other guys that work there caddie with some of the "big players" in the big golf games. Let me put it to you this way, I took a guy that playe
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