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  1. Seems like a real good book as is his other one ive heard. Picking them up soon
  2. Pick your spot and push. Whats your hand selection? Your probably playing to tight. What hands are the other players showing down? You cant just sit back and wait for a hand cause it prolly wont happen.
  3. As copernicus said, it depends on your recent activity. Deviating away from your usual raises and what not is going to arouse some suspicion out of the other players.
  4. I either push or fold here depending on my reads of the two villains. Min raises tend to aggrivate me and from what ive seen, are either monsters or rag hands. MP's reraise says he has a big hand, prolly QQ or better is my guess with no reads. I more than likely push here.
  5. i cant find it i saw some of it on tv and it was good.
  6. I like betting 200ish or just check. Villain might see the 120 as weak continuation bet so he just pushes knowing your likely to fold.
  7. I dont fold that preflop. I usually limp with a hand like that early on OOP. I like playing hands like that early on while the blinds are still low so you can try and hit a monster like you did. I agree with you on the turn card is a scare and a half, especially with all 3 players calling your flop bet. Nice hand, played very well.
  8. I would have just smooth called preflop. AK is a good hand but be useless on a bad board and dangerous to reraise with out of position against a strong opponent. Your post flop bet is to small. I would have bet 800-900. Villain might think your throwing out a weak continuation because your first to act.
  9. I raise the flop. You got 2 pair with a good kicker and if anyone is flush drawing, i want them to pay for the turn card. Besides that, i hate people that min bet
  10. Call. Id say your ahead based off villains description. If its been a cold card session, be prepared for a suckout.
  11. I like to the check raise. i dont see folding as an option cause your odds are to good to call with your over pair. Call and see what the turn brings
  12. Id prolly laugh hysterically for 5 minutes than be pissed i just wasted 5 minutes watching that sh*t
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