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  1. As far as I know none of these guys play GIN, so they cant be the next Stu U.
  2. That’s a fishy bad beat jackpot.5/12/07 Canterbury Park (30 mins outside Minneapolis)I was playing 3/6 limit holdem and the following hand hitBoard: AA77Qplayer 1: 77player 2: AQJackpot was a little over 40,000.I got $1,431 for my table share. Player 2 scooped up a quick $20,000.Yahoo for me.
  3. updates for people at work would be nice
  4. This sounds a lot like the Martingale system, which if you are a well educated gambler you know doesn’t work. In the short term it might make you feel like a genius but when you get capped out by a betting or buy-in limit you lose big. There is a great article on the subject on the greatest website of all time. Link below:http://wizardofodds.com/askthewizard/betti...martingale.html
  5. If I follow your logic, you are saying that if 50 bad poker players pooled their funds and played in a bunch of MTT's and made big -EV plays that they would somehow become profitable?I don’t buy into the fact that profitable poker players with large rolls are intentionally making -EV plays early because they think there is value in having a big stack early. They might buy equity in each other to lower variance but in order for that to work they all must be profitable players in the long run (individually). They know that over the year they will make enough big cashes to be profitable but wou
  6. I would like to know how she got 50/50 odds on one of the worst table games in the casino (in terms of house edge) ?
  7. I go about 2-3 times a month. Just got back from Vegas last weekend so I am not really in the mood for an all-nighter. It would be fun to meet up there sometime, just not tonight. (I generally play 4-8) Would also be interested in playing some Omaha Hi/Lo up there with some people who would be willing to talk through some hands with me.
  8. I land in Vegas tomorrow at 9am Vegas time. I am going with a group of guys who dont play much poker so I may not get as much action as I would like. I plan on hitting the daily noon tourney at Cesars.$130 total buy-in (includes an add-on). Deepstacks & 40 min levels. From what I hear its a good deal for such a low buy-in.
  9. In other news I turned my 3.44 rake-back from Monday on World Sports Exchnage into 61.70. I've been Just killing the .1/.2 and .25/.50 limit holdem tables.Thats kind of like $30 into $40,000.
  10. Do yourself a favor, finish school. You dont want to be 50 and look back and say, "I wish I would have finished college." Graduating from college is +EV and large number of people who take a semester off dont come back.
  11. If he decided to muck every hand which we know he did, why look at your cards? He showed the mucks so he doesnt care that everyone knows what he is doing....just muck your cards without looking. He had sunglasses so if he wants to hide it just keep your eyes shut when you check your hole cards.Either do one of these two things or shut up about it. imo.Not sure what his chip stack was at so its hard to say if I would do the same. If I won my entry for cheap I could see myself mucking them (I wouldnt make a scene about it).
  12. I am making a Vegas trip next weekend and will be in town all day Friday and Saturday. I am trying to find a good poker tourny to play in. I hope to stay within the $50-$200 buy-in range and would like to find something that doesnt include 15 min levels.Really just want to find the best bang for my buck, not some turbo.Anyone know of something that would be up my alley.Note: would prefer a +30 man field
  13. Play at world Poker Exchange (wsex.com) and get 100% rakeback without jumping through any hoops. They dont make any money on poker in hopes of bringing more traffic to their online sports book. I play 2/4 and 3/6 an hour or two every night after work and get about 100 bucks back a week.
  14. I feel dumber for having read this. And it doesnt matter if its sarcasm. The guy forgot to say "divded by two EVENLY" but it doesn't give you the right to make a statement like the one above.
  15. Premium starting hands aren’t really a matter of opinion. You can mathematically calculate a hands starting value. More commonly simulations are run or huge hand histories are analyzed. I assure you that JJ falls in the top five starting hands. It’s just important to remember that starting hand rankings are a small part of the game. Yes they are hard to play but they are still a valuable hand and I am more excited when I see them than say AQ.
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