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  1. Bahhh @ blowing the shutoutSolid game though, and welcome back Demitra with the 3pts
  2. Are you gonna re-run this once you have a winner?
  3. I think you have to call. I generally dont raise with marginal hands if theres a <10 bb stack behind me (unless it's just him, then i shove atc obv)
  4. out of ftops AQ>55unreg'd for everything else today, way too pissed off @ what has transpired so far
  5. dont post resultsIm getting it on on the flop, if you're beat it's a cooler
  6. 2 hands before break..Full Tilt Poker Game #9008697685: FTOPS Event #24 (62640533), Table 306 - 100/200 - No Limit Hold'em - 16:06:48 ET - 2008/11/16Seat 1: WVpicker (35,808), is sitting outSeat 2: urnotgood11 (15,270)Seat 3: Trevero (12,441)Seat 4: I2eloaD (8,875)Seat 5: TonyFatihAGA (14,827)Seat 6: aga1860 (18,385)Seat 7: Ahvall (13,445)Seat 8: coolplayer70 (5,968)Seat 9: buoy361 (17,480)I2eloaD posts the small blind of 100TonyFatihAGA posts the big blind of 200The button is in seat #3*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to I2eloaD [Ks Ac]aga1860 calls 200Ahvall foldscoolplayer70 foldsbuoy361 foldsWVpick
  7. Full Tilt Poker Game #9008238318: FTOPS Event #24 (62640533), Table 306 - 60/120 - No Limit Hold'em - 15:40:49 ET - 2008/11/16Seat 1: p0KeRpR073 (4,260)Seat 2: urnotgood11 (11,130)Seat 3: GambleOO7 (10,030)Seat 4: I2eloaD (4,295)Seat 5: Padrino7 (5,395)Seat 6: aga1860 (14,700)Seat 7: Ahvall (11,625)Seat 8: JayJay1 (4,080)Seat 9: buoy361 (7,260)p0KeRpR073 posts the small blind of 60urnotgood11 posts the big blind of 120The button is in seat #9*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to I2eloaD [Tc Ts]GambleOO7 calls 120I2eloaD raises to 480Padrino7 foldsaga1860 foldsAhvall foldsJayJay1 has 15 seconds left to ac
  8. Bleh missed first 55mins of the ftops, totally forgot about it. Obv I donk off 2k chips when I get back w/ AK lol
  9. Dont think you can do anything but shove, if he has a big pair oh well
  10. The most id push with AJs utg is like 13bbs
  11. Too much to risk with not enough return, you're never getting called by worse here. Id probably just openfold
  12. if its HU id bet the flop, if its multiway I probably checkfoldbut ya, make it like 1400-1500 pf
  13. I think id rather shove preflop since you're under 20bbs and if he's been stealing from SB like you say it's probably +ev. As played I'd shove the flop
  14. Id bet here, in an $11 turbo you're still getting called here by most tens.
  15. Ya the SNGs are now @ the bottom of the list for everything that's in the "registering" state, no big deal imo
  16. meh, if i had KK+ id keep my mouth shout
  17. I think I make an iso reraise and call a shove
  18. Wow, this is def the biggest fail ever.
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