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  1. same hereive missed like 20 tbleswat the fkkkkk
  2. question, does PLO count?the .01/.02 PLO tables have very short wait lists
  3. gonna do as many tables as possible after the next milestone, gl everyone
  4. turbo sngs would be an easy way if you play like 40/day
  5. If we can lock up the sedin's for 5-6m id be fine with that(although 6 is pushing it). However for 7m they're just not worth it. As for Kesler hopefully he'll take around 4
  6. released feb 27th in france, i was surprised when i saw that lol
  7. jan goals: graph from jan: obv i ran wellHopefully I can put that month behind me, and Im gonna try out the 90/180 turbosFebruary goals:-Play 30-40 90/180s each day-MTT on sundays if I feel like it-review each sessions hands-make $2500(i better make way more than this but I dont wanna set it too high)My bday is on the 23rd, so I pretty much have to run good this month, right? gl guys
  8. probably something in someone's sig
  9. I've never minded AV but I really think he needs to get canned if this doesnt turn around soon. The constant line juggling makes me want to stab my eyes, how is Mats supposed to fit in and gain chemistry when he's on a new line every time he steps on the ice. Also what happened to the style play that they had when the season started, there was a ton of attacking on the rush and it was effective, now all they do is gain the red line and dump it in almost every single time, they have the skill to carry it in and make things happen, id like to see AV ****ing use it.
  10. meh i dont think its changed too much, people are still terrible, however i AM having a terrible month lol
  11. down 60 buyins @ sngs so far, fun month
  12. QFTIt's not like the Canucks have been bad all year long, they showed at the start of the season they can be a top team and that was without Sundin.
  13. He has a good shot and is very fast, lacks in the defensive aspects though
  14. Damn, props to the pilot for landing it safelyHow deep is it? Looks like some of them are standing in the water, or are they standing on the wing?
  15. ugh wth ive been on the wait list for 1/2 a year
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