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  1. Just got knocked out my local tourn by Xuyen "Bad Girl" Pham!!!Obviously a mail-order bride.and a muppet.
  2. Was down to 5k after a run in with this muppet, until this...Dealer: ndit2300s posts small blind 100Dealer: Unijambiste posts big blind 200Dealer: Dealing Hole CardsDealer: apt2fold raises 400 to 600Dealer: SpeedyZ foldsDealer: SD_Blunteddd foldsDealer: Aln_The_Kid calls 600Dealer: Adamfrommk raises 1600 to 2200Dealer: maski23 foldsDealer: Keyser foldsDealer: ndit2300s foldsDealer: Unijambiste foldsDealer: apt2fold raises 1600 to 3800Dealer: Aln_The_Kid foldsDealer: Adamfrommk raises 1484 to 5284 and is all-inDealer: apt2fold calls 1484Dealer: Dealing Flop: [8s 5s 2d]Dealer: Dealing Turn: [Kh]
  3. 9k at break, in for $12...JesseW316 to my left
  4. Astros,Great read, how about an updated version from then till now? If you have the spare time of course!Adam
  5. Trying it now, just waiting for activation email...Looks pretty genuine
  6. Good Luck Jordon!Nice Stack, hang in there...Adam
  7. Got some results for you all...Came 39 of 368 for $4140! (Paid top 40)My biggest cash to date, very nice considering I qualified for free!Thanks for all the advice.Good luck,Adam
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