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  1. I'm realizing lately that I'm having a bit of trouble concentrating at the table. When I initially sit down I'm very into what I"m doing, I'm scoping the other players, I'm calculating I'm doing whatever I can, but a couple hours in and my mind start to wander whenever I'm in or out of a hand, I stop paying attention to other players and I have to try hard to really concentrate on a hand, or what my opponenent has. Is there anyway I can relax a bit or maybe make this thought process a little more natural so I don't have to put a lot of thought into it?
  2. oh, I realized he folded his hand, I thought he was asking who wins the matchup in the first place, but yea, since his hand is folded, he can't win the hand
  3. I miss the NHL a lot, but luckily my college's main sport is hockey, we don't even have a football team!
  4. I'm pretty sure what would have happened here is that he plays the board, with two pair 9 kicker, and you have two pair Ace kicker, so you take the whole pot.
  5. I'm not a computer science major, but I am a math and astrophysics major, does that count? I to am attracted to strategy games, game theory, and yes, MTG.
  6. Does Phil ever play online anymore, I've heard of random sightings of someone that might be him, but does he play regularly on UB anymore, if so, what limits and/or tables?
  7. what site did you play a freeroll in? 70 bucks sounds pretty sweet.
  8. The field of poker players has grown, yes, and that's why a pro hasn't won the main event in three years, so why is everyone bashing Phil? I mean, Doyle Brunson isn't exactly at the top of his game, he isn't exactly topping the charts every year, but noone denies how good of a player he is. I'm sorry if I sound like I"m on a rant here, but I try to defend to Phil Hellmuth because he really is a great great player, but since he doesn't win TV tournaments, and only gets shown as a whiner, he gets a bad rap and that's just not the case. Sure, he whines and complains, but he'll be the first to
  9. Not really trying to flame, but HA HA HA HAand who are you?I'll go up against Hellmuth anyday. As long as I'm staked, because I cannot afford to play at his level. You really think Hellmuth is that good??? He hasn't performed at a top-notch level in a loong time. He's good; not great anymore. Why do you think he's trying to sell books now?! He can't play!!he won two bracelets and made a final table in the 2003 world series....I'd consider that pretty recent success....but I mean, if you're so great, you should probably go ahead and win your WSOP online qualifier then head out there and w
  10. what kind of bankroll would I need if want to get in on a regular Pot limit game, 300BB is the norm for limit to cover the swings, but as far as no limit and pot limit, I'm a little confused, and I have a feeling that with pot limit, its probably a little more then limit, but less than no limit.
  11. Maybe someone can give me an intelligible answer to this question. Everyone is dissing Phil's book, especially the limit hold 'em section, because they propose that Phil calls for super-tight play. My question is: What's wrong with tight play?? In limit hold 'em, especially at a lower leverl, you are not going to force someone to fold, so why not just wait till you have have the best of it. I mean, in No limit, play whatever you like, you can always push someone off their hand, but in limit, I think that tight-aggressive play is the best strategy. After all, what's worse, Being up only a
  12. I just don't understand how Phil could have played it differently, I mean, you bet top pair, then get re-raised, I mean, hoyt could have anything, two pair, Ace 9, King 9, Queen 9, low pocket pair for a set, I think Phil's check on the turn was a good move, I mean, if Hoyt bets again, then Phil can either get away from the hand or he can come over the top, I mean...Please correct me if I'm wrong or a bad player, but if I have top pair and get re-raised, I'm gonna have to put some effort into figuring out what my opponent has. Knowing Hoyt as an aggressive player, if Phil bets the river, and H
  13. wait....no, I didn't mean spades, I meant hearts. In hearts, getting the Queen of spades adds 13 points to your score(you want a low score), and you get a point for every heart you get, but if you get the queen of spades and all the hearts, its called shooting the moon, and you can either take so many points off your score(i forgot what the number is), or you can add it to everyone elses score.
  14. actually, in the jail scene in rounders, I'm pretty sure they were playing spades
  15. well, limit hold em books can be applied to NLH, but there's a big difference between someone two-betting for the flop and betting half your stack! but in general, these books will help you understand the finer points of pot odds, and draw percentages and just general card info that couldn't hurt to learn. But, the old addage is definately true, NLH is a lot more about playing people than limit hold em is
  16. I know its a little sarcastic of a reply, and I don't mean it that way, but just to let you know, Cloutier/Mcevoy wrote a Championships No Limit and Pot limit Hold 'em book, I've read it, and it is very very good.
  17. I think you're unexperienced, I wouldn't say crazy or stupid yet. You want to call an early raised 2 cold with nobody else in the pot with 87 suited? Your best case senario will likely be the 60-40, but you have to understand something also. That odd is the cards are dealt to the river. Are you going to be calling bets with bottom or second pair if an A, K, or Q flops? Are you going to stay around for a backdoor flush or straight draw? Calling 2 cold before the river doesn't entitle you to see the river for free from this point on unless you only had 2 small bets at the table.It's just a
  18. uahphysics

    how old part ii

    I've always been a math nerd and a huge gamer, I play chess, backgammon, and in High School started playing a trading card game called Magic: The Gathering, I befriended one of the better players in my town, and his brother and one day while we were playing at his house, he flipped on the WSOP, b/c he liked to watch it. Well, after watching it for a while we decided to start playing it and soon we were having NLH games after weekly magic tournaments, and even as a beginner I started winning, the losing, but lately after I've been learning lots and lots about the game, I've been winning more.
  19. for limit, I usually like to buy-in for 30 to 40xBB, but I also like to follow Annie duke's advice(which she got from Howard), to not lose more than 30xBB, so if I'm every stuck 30xBB, I'm gone for the night, or at least the session
  20. uahphysics

    how old are you?

    whoa....are you serious....I live in huntsville and I haven't heard anything about the poker scene here! although, I must admit, I'm 18, not that I can play, but I'll pretty much be living here for the rest of my life b/c I'll be working for NASA after I graduate from UAH, tell me more please.
  21. I may be crazy here, but doesn't anyone else hate the fold of the 7c 8c, I mean, vs. an overpair, its 77-23, a little less than 3:1, whereas any underpair such as the 8s are 4:1....and vs. two overcards, its close to 60-40 or about 1.5;1....maybe I'm just inexperienced, but I'd call two bets to see a flop, and if you miss, you can get away from the hand on the flop and you lost maybe 1 or 2 bets, whereas you also have the chance for 4 to a flush or a straight draw....anyone think I'm crazy or stupid?
  22. Tyler, thanks so much for that answer, it was a great answer and helped me out a lot
  23. Alright, I'm probably going to get flamed for being an idiot, but I just wanted to know. Where do you draw the line between calling becasue of pot odds and folding because of your read on the other player? This question may not even make any sense, but I just wanted to throw it out there.
  24. uahphysics

    how old are you?

    I'm 18 and from Alabama also, what city do you live in?
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